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Canadian Coins

CANADA Cased Commemorative Dollars on Choice


Proof 1981 Train dollar and 1977 Senate Throne Dollar in specimen condition. Original leather box of issue. The issue price of the 1981 dollar was over $65.00 and reached a high of … Price: $45.00 CDN each


1939 Canada Silver Dollar Royal Visit ICCS MS65 Superb Gem


Not a borderline gem, but a gem that is almost MS66. Flawless MS66 obverse teamed with a very choice MS65 reverse. Choice originally toned, never dipped. This coin was discovered this year … Price: $625.00 CDN


1965 CANADA Dollar in DEEP MIRROR Cameo


A simply dazzling Canada 1965 dollar with a wonderful obverse that is deep mirror cameo. Near gem condition. It is very rare to find a business strike dollar with this type of … Price: $75.00 USD


1966 CANADA Silver Dollar NEAR GEM


A very nicely toned Canada Silver dollar that is very close to gem mintstate condition. Wonderfully toned and very few contact marks. Hard to find this nice. You have to sort through … Price: $59.00 USD


1951 CANADA Silver Dollar PCGS PL65 PQ


A very choice P/L dollar. Only by photographs can you see the die burn influence on the coin. In hand the coin is pristine. Slightly underated in the Canadian Coin Dealer news. … Price: $465.00 CDN


1971 CANADA BC SILVER DOLLAR Choice Toned Specimen


Just in time for the Olympics ! This coin commemorates the 100 years of confederation of British Columbia into Canada. Choice toned and in perfect condition. This coin has been very popular … Price: $45.00 CDN


1947 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS61 Single HP—Maple Leaf


1947 ML Canada Dollar. This coin was struck in 1948 before the dies were ready to strike the real 1948's. This coin is underpriced in current catalogs and trends. The mintage is … Price: $585.00 CDN


1947 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS63 —-  Blunt 7


A superlative example for the grade. The resverse is GEM MS65, the obverse is a nicely toned MS63 and relatively mark free. A choice coin. The toning on the reverse is a … Price: $595.00 CDN


1947 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS62 Screamer Quality—Blunt 7


This is what you call a screamer. This low mintage 1947 blunt 7 dollar screams MS63. The reverse is choice quality MS64, the obverse dibs for a 63 mark but probably just … Price: $400.00 CDN


1959 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS64 Nice for Grade


Elizabeth dollars are pretty difficult to find in MS64, let alone that elusive MS65 grade. For the price jump from MS64 to 65, one better be sure as to what you are … Price: $100.00 CDN


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