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Early American Ball Handle Reel— Unknown Maker


Cival War Era Ball Handle Reel, circa 1860 -1870. Nice choice original excellent condition. All this reel needs is a little oiling. All original and undamaged. Reel foot is sharp , complete … Price: $389.00 USD


Unknown Civil War Era Brass Ball Handle Reel


An early reel from the USA. Circa 1860 - 1870. The diameter of the plate is 2 3/4 " inches in diameter. In fine woking order and condition. The reel foot has … Price: $289.00 USD


American Ball Handle Reel J C Conroy Civil War Era


An early fishing reel from the 1860's . Marked J C Conroy, NY , which stands for New York. The face measures 2 " in diameter. Condition is fine working condition. Reel … Price: $694.00 USD


A L & W Creek Chub TENITE Pikie Lure


This is the ALW Pikie all the way. Made of tenite with larger oversized eyes. ALW back then used whatever they could to complete their lures sometimes. Measures 3 1/4 " inches … Price: $44.00 USD


Creek Chub Baby Pikie in PIKIE SCALE


I'm not really sure if you call the 3 1/4 " inch long Pikie the " Baby ", as I've seen smaller ones. Anyways, this is the 3.25 " version. Solid Ex … Price: $40.00 USD


Creek Chub Pikie—Early Double Line Tie


A silver flash Pikie with the early double line tie. Torpedo slightly elongated shape. Still exhibits rich paint sheen. Lure has aging lines, a few small dings and a very short tail … Price: $39.00 USD


Creek Chub GE Injured Minnow in FROG PATTERN


A bait that should be considered better than average , glass eyes are intact, some age lines but not many. The belly has a large hook drag with a much smaller one … Price: $39.00 USD


Creek Chub GE Injured Minnow Lure


Injured minnow in perch scale pattern, more or less in excellent condition. Has a ding on the nose. Otherwise quite presentable. Price: $34.00 USD