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Creek Chub Baby Pikie in PIKIE SCALE


I'm not really sure if you call the 3 1/4 " inch long Pikie the " Baby ", as I've seen smaller ones. Anyways, this is the 3.25 " version. Solid Ex … Price: $40.00 USD


Creek Chub Pikie—Early Double Line Tie


A silver flash Pikie with the early double line tie. Torpedo slightly elongated shape. Still exhibits rich paint sheen. Lure has aging lines, a few small dings and a very short tail … Price: $39.00 USD


Creek Chub GE Injured Minnow in FROG PATTERN


A bait that should be considered better than average , glass eyes are intact, some age lines but not many. The belly has a large hook drag with a much smaller one … Price: $39.00 USD


Creek Chub GE Injured Minnow Lure


Injured minnow in perch scale pattern, more or less in excellent condition. Has a ding on the nose. Otherwise quite presentable. Price: $34.00 USD


Assorted Antique Tackle Box Garnishes   ON CHOICE


There are 4 photos , one is hidden on the main screen. Makes great small gifts and stocking stuffers. Shown are ALW leaders on card, an 1895 metal reel oiler, shakespeare and … Price: $5.00 USD and up. NEGOTIABLE


Rush Tango Lure Wooden Plug Nrmint


A 4 1/14 " inch long standard Rush Tango. No hook pointers or drags. On the cusp of near mint. Some very small discolouration spots that might clean up. Will fit a … Price: $70.00 USD


Swiss Precision Reel Oiler, circa 1960’s.


Vintage reel oiler from Switzerland called the " LUBRISITE " . Has a spring loaded needle for pinpoint lubrication. Unused. A unique item that I have never seen before. This item is … Price: $14.00 USD


1951 Michigan Legal Fish Rule


14 " inch long wooden rule from " The Trading Post " in Standish, Michigan, lots of fun reading. This ruler tells you the limits for all the game fish in Michigan … Price: $13.00 USD


Creek Chub Jointed Pikie RED HEAD GLASS EYES


A very nice 4 1/2 " inch long jointed pike. Tougher to find in nicer grade with the white body and red head. Lustrous wet looking paint. Grades choice excellent to near … Price: $77.00 USD