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Standard size Keeling Tom Thumb lure. No box. This bait is close to near mint. Wet dripping lustre, iridized desirable paint pattern. Has one minor, minor pointer and an age line on … Price: $100.00 USD


Early Hair Mouse Lure


Could be one of a few hair mouse makers. This one is just simply soo cute ! Leather tail to boot. Superb condition. Circa 1930 - 1940 or so. Price: $ 47.50 USD


RARE 1852 Dated Buel Arrowhead Metal Lure


Dated Buels are the desire of any early American fishing tackle collection. This one is available. It is the number # 1 size. Nice old patina, condition as shown, just an old … Price: $1125.00 USD


Odd Copper Trout Fishing Line Release Mechanism


About three inches long and made of copper by the looks and smell of it. Has light markings but I can't make it out. The barrel swivels on each end are marked … Price: $ 42.00 USD


Rare SQUARE Guilloched J B McHarg American Spinner Circa 1886


A wonderbait !! I've never encountered this pattern on an American Spinner. Square guilloched checker pattern. Has McHarg's patent clearly stamped on the lure. Number # 3 size. Condition is a spectacular … Price: $775.00 USD


Ultra Rare Double Date Buel Metal Lure Whitehall,  New York


According to a few colleagues of mine, there are less than 10 double dated Buels of all types known. You can literally count them on your hands and fingers. When it comes … Price: $1,525.00 USD


Unique Prototype ” Everything Lure ”  Wooden Plug.


Body measures about 3 " inches long. Has 2 line ties, one at the front , and the other as a fish decoy. Also has front & back propellers and a central … Price: $100.00 USD


Farlow English Gutta Percha Lure Circa 1860 - 1885


This type of gutta minnow is attributed to the makers Farlow. This minnow is practically mint but for some small gutta loss near the tail. Many a time these lures are missing … Price: $560.00 USD