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McMurray Arrowhead Metal Spinner Lure By Pflueger


Another lure from the same tackle box just brimming with top condition Pflueger musky metal baits. This size is 2/0 , which means the blade is 4 " inches long. Fully marked … Price: $44.00 USD


Superb Near Mint Pflueger Muskill # 2461 - 12


A gleaming near mint example. Unfished and sparkling with a superb shine and peacock treble hook. One small crescent of dark oxidation keeps this from mint class. Blade measures 3 3/4 " … Price: $89.00 USD


A L & W Toronto Double Spinner Metal Lure Circa 1910


Canada's copied version of Pflueger's Bearcat Spinner. Gold on silver spot pattern. Blades are 2 9/16 " inches long as opposed to Pflueger's 2 1/2 " . Also has 4 added copper … Price: $79.00 CDN


Large Pflueger #2461 - 12 Muskill Metal Lure


A larger Muskill Lure. The blade is 3 3/4 " inches long. Choice excellent condition with a nice peacock treble hook. Comes with a large tarnished box swivel. Product number is #2461 … Price: $48.00 USD


3/0 JUMBO Diamond P Pflueger Metal Lure Spinner


Certainly a " Jumbo " at 3/0 ! Very close to near-mint condition. Some tackle box scraping to the outside of the lure. Full red paint on the opposite side. A tougher … Price: $50.00 USD


Circa 1910 Pflueger Muskill # 2461 - 7 Mint Condition


From a small Pflueger collection. This is the #2461 - 7 size/model Muskill metal lure. Unfished mint condition without the card. Comes with a gleaming barrel swivel as opposed to the box … Price: $75.00 USD


PLUEGER Luminous Tandem Spinner Mint On Card - MOC


Brand spanking new ! Full colour and very crisp. The bait is gleaming as well. The card is a dual purpose display / stand up counter design. The size is 1/0. This … Price: $69.00 USD


Superb MINT Creek Chub #3000 Musky Lure Wooden Plug Bait


From the short lived Sioux City, Iowa Factory. This bait is gleaming and dripping wet with perfect paint. Mint condition. This jointed musky Pikie measures 6 1/4 " inches long for the … Price: $125.00 USD


RARE Cast Aluminum Lawson # 46 Baitcaster - CANADA


A very rare reel by Lawson and underated in the Homel Reference. Made of cast aircraft grade aluminum. Has a whizz-polished side plate and single check mecanism. Apart from that it is … Price: $139.00 USD


Pflueger Supreme Baitcaster Reel Second Generation 1st Series ***


A second generation supreme reel with the early stamped sideplate as opposed to the molded side plate. Carries the 1923 and 1926 patents as well. This is also called the pre-war model. … Price: $145.00 USD