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    No markings as to maker. Measures about 10 " high by 2 3/4 ' diameter. Has three positional gimbels for aligning precise target accuracy. Possibly German. Powerful telescopic power would mean that … Price: $200.00 USD




    A very fine 4 " high Meisesen tea caddy, measures 4 1/2 ' with the pewter cap. It is uncanny to find one of these still with the cap. The other measurements … Price: $780.00 USD


    Art Deco Silver Cup from PARIS , FRANCE Circa 1925


    A superb and very well made silver cup from the 1920's. Marked for 0.950 fine silver , weighs 83.1 grams and has over 2.5 oz in silver. Marked with Minerva in octagon … Price: $300.00 USD


    Superb Pair of Ontario Redware Bowls


    Most likley made from the Brantford Pottery Works from 1842 to 1846. Slipcast made with more or less traditional salt fired glazes. The quality is outstanding for the ages of these vessals. … Price: $225.00 CDN set


    Superb ART NOUVEAU Brass Vase


    Possibly made from a French 100 pound artillery shell casing but difficult to tell for sure as the bottom has been reworked. This piece exhibits a very high degree of craftsmanship. Done … Price: $175.00 USD


    GREECE 500 Drachmai Paper Note   Circa 1932


    An underated note in most catalogs. Circa 1932 , BH series with a low serial number. Nice fine to Fine + condition with no issues. Despite the pre-war inflation in Greece this … Price: $35.00 USD


    Rare Chinese Peking Mustard Monochrome Bowl by BRETBY


    Circa 1901 - 1905. Perfect undamaged condition. Measures 5 1/2 " diameter by 3 " high. A very rare hand thrown piece exhibiting mustard coloured monochrome glaze. This piece was made in … Price: $119.00 USD


    Rare Chapman Reversible Minnow Number # 5 Size


    A rare fully marked Chapman with the May 4 , 1870 patent date. Body measures 1 5/8 " long. Silver wash on one side and brass on the other. Very , very … Price: $650.00 USD


    Rare Canadian Oh Henry INTRO box   Circa 1933


    Though produced in the USA since 1920, the Oh Henry didn't make its' debut until 1933 in Canada made under the Lowney name. The box is in superb condition for its' age … Price: $75.00 CDN


    UNCANNY Very Rare Sealed 1967 CANADA GOLD SETS


    Never in my life have I ever seen unopened 1967 Canada gold centennial sets before. Here are 2 of them. Both were mailed registered to the same person in May of 1968. … Price: $1250.00 CDN each