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    SAMPSON MORDAN & Co Art Deco Sterling Silver Collapsible Hidden Pencil


    Double hallmarked Sampson Mordan & Co sterling silver pencil. Measures 3 3/4 " collapsed and almost 5 " long extended. Excellent condition. Dated to 1932. Also marked " Mordan Everpoint 1843 " … Price: $159.00 USD


    ARTS & CRAFTS   Era Bronze Textured Cigar Ashtray


    A superb piece. Looks like Tiffany Furnaces quality, but not marked. Measures 2 ' high by 4 " diameter. The inside has been polished and cleaned as it most likely was full … Price: $119.00 USD


    ICONIC and Unique Gold Fuller Brush Sales Award Art Deco Era


    Circa 1932 - 1933. Measures about 10 1/2 " high by 4 " wide. At the National you'll never know what item is coming up next. This item should be in the … Price: $POR


    German Aluminum Coin Lot


    TWO undated coins from Germany, each is about 50 to 80 years old. One is a quarter sized Strassenbahn trolley token , while the other piece is an aspirin sized " Spielgeld … Price: $19.00 USD


    1932 DANZIG Free City 10 Pfennig


    Made of aluminum - bronze. EX condition or better. ll original and uncleaned. Depicts a semi - art - deco fish design. Coin is not really high enough grade to be certified. … Price: $16.00 USD


    Christliches Gedenkbuch Art Nouveau Edition Circa 1900


    German Brethren Christian yearly devotional book. Measures 5 by 7 ". Gold leaf edges. Superb condition but has aged. Doesn't appear to have been used. Has a short verse, Psalm or prose … Price: $26.00 USD


    RARE F. E.  BRANDIS & Sons Co. Engineers Transit   NEWLY FOUND !


    Totally original and in the rough. This transit was recently bought in Texas and shipped to Ontario, Canada. Comes with the original dovetailed wood box as well. No wooden tripod, just the … Price: $1550.00 USD


    1939 New York World’s Fair Art Deco Bottle


    Circa 1939 and manufactured for A & P Vinegar. I don't know why they went all out to sell vinegar at the fair but I have heard of a lot worse. Measures … Price: $42.00 USD


    Early Opalescent Glass Bowl


    Circa 1895 - 1905. Outstanding condition with no damage. Made by Consolidated, Imperial, Fenton or Dugan or someone similar. I don't have my Bill Edwards Guide with me so if anyone knows … Price: $46.00 USD