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    A scarce spring loaded metal lure from Chicago, Illinois. Invented by Charles Bew. Body length measures 2 " long while the whole thing is over 3" . In working order and shows … Price: $165.00 USD


    W H JAMES Squid BAIT


    Circa 1874. Measures 2 1/8 " long for the body. These baits have been made in different finishes and body lengths. In very fine condition with wear and exposure. Still retains the … Price: $195.00 USD


    L S HILL Number # 2 Sized Lure


    Circa 1879 - 1888 or so. A desirable number # 2 blade. As the numbers get higher or lower from number 1 to 5 the scarcer the baits get. Number # 2 … Price: $285.00 USD


    CRAZY RARE L S HILL Number # 5 Minnow Lure


    Circa 1879. This was the largest and most expensive to buy lure. They were not made in nearly large quantities as the popular selling bass and pike sizes. Adding to that the … Price: $800.00 USD


    J T BUEL No # 1 Arrowhead Chamber Bait


    Measures 3 1/4 " long. Has the permanent treble hook attached as well. Beautiful original patina on the silver plated side. Circa 1870 and of the desirable " T " style , … Price: $275.00 USD


    Scarce J T Buel 1/0 Spoon


    Circa 1870 and in the desirable " T " style. Nice large size in the 1/0 version. Measures 2 3/4 " long. Shows very nice with beautiful dark and rich patina on … Price: $350.00 USD


    Scarce 2/0 T BUEL Arrowhead Spinner


    The largest and most expensive size offered. Comes with a seldom seen pre-attached and permanent trolling steel leader. Post 1864 and pre 1892 . All T Buels are at least scarce and … Price: $650.00 USD


    VERY RARE HEARDER English Metal Chamber Bait


    A very rare all original bait. Most likely circa 1845 to 1865 , It is definitely a pre- 1873 lure as Hearder was changed to Hearder & Son in 1873. Reads " … Price: $850.00 USD


    T H BATES Serpentine Spinner Lure Circa 1855


    A very rare American pre Civil - War lure. Fully marked and dated. Number # 3 size. Comes as shown. It is missing the very rare custom detachable hook. The last one … Price: $1350.00 USD




    Date of manufacture unknown. appears to be quite early from about 1870 - 1900. Reads " The Baldwin spinner " on one side and the other reads " Shultz 122 Nassau St … Price: $POR