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Get it while you can as who knows the fate of this country with rogue and ungodly leadership. Recently smuggled out of North Korea to one of my Chinese contacts . This … Price: $32.00 USD




NGC graded MS64 , better in hand than what pictures show. Blast white mint state. Scarce in all uncirculated grades. Close to gem but not quite. Price: $350.00 USD


FINEST GRADED 1889 Hong Kong 5 Cents


Tied with one other coin as finest graded by NGC , PCGS has graded none in 65 and only a few coins in uncirculated. This is a very hard date to find … Price: $500.00 USD


1921 China Honan Province 50 Cents NGC XF45


In my opinion this coin is AU grade. These post war coins were struck on old rusty and rather crude dies, which can be problematic when grading these issues. Anyways, the certified … Price: $110.00 USD




Sold as a group or on choice. All coins are uncirculated and nice for the grade. 1 Kopek cnb 1912 MS62 Chocolate Brown , old die. 1914 2 Kopek CNB MS64 with … Price: $ 300 CDN Lot or $40 each


Sikh Empire Indian Silver Rupee


Circa 1870's . This is a lightweight Rupee so it is probably struck at the Kashmir mint. Somewhat crudely struck. 7.4 grams. Indian coins are one of the fastest areas of coin … Price: $75.00 USD


Silver Indian Rupee Circa 1855 Jodpur State


Nice VF to XF. These are hard to grade but the grading is somewhere around this level. No returns on Rupees as I can make mistakes in cataloging these coins, and it … Price: $69.00 USD


Choice Uncirculated 1931 Hong Kong Cent NGC MS 64


A very nice example of this now obsolete coinage. Fully lustrous and only a small blemish away from full gem quality. Price: $95.00 USD


SOLO Finest Graded 1891 Ceylon 1 Cent NGC MS65 Superb PQ !!!


From a safety deposit box Estate that hasn't been opened or visited since 1972. Solo finest graded at NGC in MS65, next highest grade being MS63. These coins come up often as … Price: $259.00 USD


1934 Chinese Silver Junk Dollar NGC MS64 PQ ++


A coin that can easily be graded MS65 but is graded a very prtemium MS64 by NGC. Superb all original lustre, superb surfaces and original toning around the edges. A wonderful coin. … Price: $655.00 CDN


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