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Christliches Gedenkbuch Art Nouveau Edition Circa 1900


German Brethren Christian yearly devotional book. Measures 5 by 7 ". Gold leaf edges. Superb condition but has aged. Doesn't appear to have been used. Has a short verse, Psalm or prose … Price: $26.00 USD


The Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Circa 1780 -1790 edition


Measures 9 " by 12 " by 2 1/2 " . Published by Tallis , who had offices in both London & New York. Written by Rev John Fleetwood DD , whose … Price: $300.00 USD


1914 Yearbook from St. Michaels College , Toronto, Ontario


Measures 8 " by 10 ". Good condition, somewhat tattered with the cloth spine torn off, but the binding is still intact. 175 pages. Contains everything associated with the 1914 graduating year. … Price: $79.00 CDN


University of Toronto 1925 Yearbook


Called the " Torontonensis ". From the 1925 graduating year. Shows all the glamour of 1925 dress. Signed in the inside cover " Margaret Govan ". Contains virtually everything associated with the … Price: $110.00 CDN


Star Wars Soundtrack Insert & Cheap Trick Insert


These are inserts from the vinyl pressings of the Stars Wars soundtrack and Cheap Trick, Live at Budokan , Japan. If you have the albums but are missing the inserts, then youi've … Price: $5.00 each


1900 Sports Illustrated 35 Year Review Issue


Spring 1990 issue. Covers all the cover stories and headlines from the complete world of sports ... ( including the Westminster Dog Show ) ..maybe even chess but don't quote me on … Price: $7.50 USD


Spring 1990 Toronto Blue Jays Scorebook Magazine


The official magazine book of the famous Toronto Blue Jays during their glory years issue price $4.00. Copies are in unused near mint to mint condition. A very thick poublication talking about … Price: $6.50 each


1962 Ben Weider Body Trainer Magazine


Canadian issue circa 1962 or early 1963. Excellent condition with some cover curling. Shows workout routines to gain award winning definition. Also shows early protein shake formulas you could mail order. Shows … Price: $3.25 USD


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