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SPORTSMANS Duck Hunting Doorstop with GREAT DANE


Measures 7 " high by 6" wide by 2 " depth. Cast iron circa 1880 - 1890. Very old and well used with some old school paint droplets and verdigris. Nice subject … Price: $92.00 USD




Circa 1930's. Made by or for Barnard Stamp and Stencil of Hamilton , Ontario. Appears to be unused. All original full paint , however , it looks to have been sprayed with … Price: $100.00 CDN


Superb Thomas Chambers, Ontario Wolf Carving


Circa 1930's or 1940's . Measures 5 " by 3 " by 2 " roughly. Though Chambers is known for his iconic Ontario Duck decoy carvings , he often used his skills … Price: $179.00 USD


HERTERS Duck Decoy Weights


Priced for the pair. All original and unbuffed. About 80 to 90 years old. You can find these once in a while online, but they are often acid dipped or buffed and … Price: $44.00 USD


Antique Duck Hunting Ensemble


As shown, five pieces in total . The iron pieces are not marked for number size. The chromed brass tube reads " excelsior 10 ". Price: $95.00 USD


Very Old Duck Decoy   Circa 1870 - 1880


A very nice old prehistoric duck decoy. Double steel shaft keel and hand hammered sheet lead weights. Has remnants of braided silk line as well. No real damage apart from the missing … Price: $150.00 CDN




Shotgun shell loading ensemble as shown. Appears to be at least the turn of the century of even earlier. Very nice condition with no damage. This the way these three items were … Price: $119.00 USD


Very Rare Hercules Smokeless Gunpowder Tin


Circa 1888 to 1895. An American tin from Wilimington, Delaware. Measures 6 1/4 " diameter by 7 " high. Nice condition with original stamped spelter screw top. The Hercules company was one … Price: $165.00 USD


Antique Flat Wood Board Canada Goose Decoy


Circa 1930's. Call it folk art or call it a decoy. What is nice about it is that it is so simple and cool. Made of stained plyboard and measures 23 " … Price: $75.00 CDN


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