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Shotgun shell loading ensemble as shown. Appears to be at least the turn of the century of even earlier. Very nice condition with no damage. This the way these three items were … Price: $119.00 USD


Very Rare Hercules Smokeless Gunpowder Tin


Circa 1888 to 1895. An American tin from Wilimington, Delaware. Measures 6 1/4 " diameter by 7 " high. Nice condition with original stamped spelter screw top. The Hercules company was one … Price: $165.00 USD


Antique Flat Wood Board Canada Goose Decoy


Circa 1930's. Call it folk art or call it a decoy. What is nice about it is that it is so simple and cool. Made of stained plyboard and measures 23 " … Price: $75.00 CDN


RARE Original Brass Winchester Gun Dealer Plaque   Circa 1913 - 1916


The real deal. This plaque is undated on the back. Measures 6 7/8 " long , 3 " wide by 4 mm thick. Original wearing and scraping. From a private brass sign … Price: $455.00 CDN


Outstanding Handmade Art Deco Era Hunter’s Waterproof Lighter


Unmarked with no attributions. Stands 3 " high by 1 1/2 " diameter. Made by a highly skilled machinest. All brass. The body, cap and wick cap are all knurled construction as … Price: $80.00 USD


Victorian Sand Cast Brass Hunter’s Ashtray


Measures 3 1/4 " by 4 1/2 " long. Circa 1880 - 1890. Very thick construction. Well worn with lots of age. Depicts 2 golden retrievers or something similar. For the duck … Price: $50.00 USD


Cutco # 1069 Hunting Knife


Earlier 1960's model. 10 " long, 5 " handle and 5 " blade. Made in Olean , New York. These knives are considered the finest in cutlery but I am sure that … Price: $62.00 CDN


G & J W Hawksley Hunters Brandy Flask


Circa 1865 - 1885. Made in Great Britain by the Famous Hawksley Group. Back in the Victorian Era they were profilic makers of brass gun powder flasks , silver plated items, sterling, … Price: $155.00 USD


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