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Vintage Sports Cards

We are currently strong in Canadian Vintage Hockey, as this is our mainstay. We do have other cards from different sports including baseball, boxing and lacrosse from time to time. Search regularly for interesting finds. Please ask for common vintage hockey cards as this is a large focus area.


1911-12 C55 Hockey Card # 8 J. MacDonald


A decent card of the C55 series. There is no data as to the first name of this player. Card # 8. Grades about 5 / 10 . Light corner wearing with … Price: $280.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Card # 43 Eugene Payan


A decent condition card . Corners have light wear, great centering and light tobacco staining on the lower 1/4 of the back of the card. Grades strictly from 5 to 5.5 / … Price: $270.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Card #11 Marty Walsh HOF OUTSTANDING PQ ++++


An unbelievable quality card from nearly 100 years back. Razor sharp colours and full colour with no tobacco stains. The only thing barring this card a prefect score is the off centering. … Price: $1500.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 James Ogilvie ” Odie ” Cleghorn


Born 1891 to 1956. Brother of bad boy Hall of Famer Sprague Cleghorn. Odie died a few days after Spragues fatal car mishap just before his funeral. Grades a solid 4.5 / … Price: $285.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Harry Livingstone Gilmour Hockey Card HOF


This is a goalie card, HOF of Harry Livingstone Gilmour, there are reference errors calling him John Gilmour in some of the price guides. He was born in 1881 and died in … Price: $895.00 CDN


1911-1912 C55 Ed Oatman Hockey Card


A very choice and premium grade Canadian Tobacco hockey card. Ed Oatman of the Quebec Bulldogs. This card is considered a common. More info can be obtained on Wikipedia or similar site. … Price: $690.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 PERCY LeSUEUR HOF Hockey Card High Grade


Percy Lesueur, HOF 1961, Born 1881 - 1962. Percy Lesueur was a prominent goalie for the Ottawa Senators from about 1911 to 1917, he then played for the Toronto St.Pats & Shamrocks. … Price: $875.00 CDN


1966 - 1967 ( 66/67 ) Topps Canada Checklist # 66 Short Print Rarity


A new find. This card comes from the Bobby Orr Rookie Card set. If you are working on an " Orr " set you'll eventually need the dreaded scarce checklist card. This … Price: $350.00 USD


1971 OPChee CFL FOOTBALL Card Lot Near Mint to Mint


A very nice discovery of CFL cards. They are commons by the looks of it. Condition is superb for this card stock and is near mint to mint. Circa 1971. Contains 3 … Price: $45.00 USD ( ALL )


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