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Canadian Coins

1929 CANADA 25 Cents NGC MS66 Monster Coin


A superlative Canadian Quarter ! When you want the best coin collection, you have to start with the best coins. This coin is richly draped every which way with superb russet toning. … Price: $3,850.00 CDN


1933 CANADA 25 Cent NGC MS66 GEM PQ


A simply gorgeous coin. Two of these were found in Europe in 1994 and both looked similar. The sister coin to this graded NGC MS67 and was featured in many auctions in … Price: $2475.00 CDN


1933 CANADA 25 Cents ICCS M62 PQ


A semi-key date quarter in nice quality for the grade. Price: $400.00 CDN


1933 CANADA 25 Cents PCGS MS63 PQ +


A very choice coin for the grade. The obverse looks GEM, the reverse is similar, but for darker toning. It was probably reduced in grade for the dark reverse. There is very … Price: $455.00 CDN


1934 Canada 25 Cents ICG MS65 GEM Quality


An outstanding GEM of this scarce date. Quarters from the 1930's are quite scarce in Gem grades right across the table, some more expensive than others. This coin exhibits full lustre, original … Price: $2650.00 CDN


1936 CANADA 25 Cents PCGS MS63 PQ


A nice quarter from Canada with original toning and exceptional surfaces for the grade, very close to MS64. Properly graded. Price: $260.00 CDN


1936 CANADA 25 Cents PCGS MS65 PQ Gem


A very strong coin for the grade and close to MS66. Though the 1936 quarter is found a lot in MS65 holders, many are round-up grade and might be a tad more … Price: $2500.00 CDN


1937 CANADA 25 Cents ICCS MS65 Choice Rainbow Toned GEM PQ


A properly graded coin with choice colourful pastel colour toning. George VI quarters like this are hard to come by with premium toning. Generic graded examples often come dipped, double dipped or … Price: $460.00 CDN


1938 Canada 25 Cents Select Choice Uncirculated NGC MS64 PQ +


A very choice Canada quarter from 1938. This year is the key date for most coins of the George VI era. Low mintages combined with heavy commerce in the late years of … Price: $375.00 CDN


1939 CANADA 25 Cents NGC MS66 Monster Coin


I have never seen a nicer 1939 quarter from Canada anywhere. In an old NGC Slab. Superlative surfaces, toning and lustre equally on BOTH sides. For a creme de la creme collection. … Price: $1750.00 CDN