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Canadian Coins

1938 CANADA 5 Cents ICCS MS62


A very nice coin for the grade. This issue comes with a convex struck obverse. Meaning that the reverse usually gets all the detail and the obverse a little less, often mistaken … Price: $135.00 CDN


1942 Canada 5 Cents Nickel MS63 PCGS PQ


A nice war era 5 cents. These nickel coins are rising in Trends as they have been priced low for a long time now. This coin has a gem reverse and very … Price: $88.00 CDN




Graded by ICCS as SP 65 . Almost looks like a full proof. These coins are elusive and not easy to obtain all of the time. There are probably more specimen Tombac … Price: $850.00 CDN


1944 CANADA 5 Cents ICCS MS66


An outststanding coin and grade. Seldom graded in MS66. Price: $225.00 CDN


1945 CANADA 5 Cents ICCS MS66


The 1945 in MS66 far exceeds the rarity of the 1944 in MS66. Priced according to the Canadian Coin News Dealer Charts. SUPERB ! Price: $325.00


1948 CANADA 5 Cents ICCS MS64 PQQQQQQQ +++


Straight from an original roll. The first one that was graded went to NGC and came back MS65, this one was totally identical and came back 64 with ICCS. Regardless of the … Price: $165.00 CDN


1951 Sudbury Commemorative 5 Cents   ICCS MS65


Flawless surfaces and very choice for the grade. Not many are graded in MS65 at ICCS. Price: $220.00 CDN


1964 CANADA 5 Cents XWL Extra Waterline


We took this coin in trade at a higher than trends amount. Still a nice coin with very little chatter or circulating marks. Would grade higher with PCGS. Price: $60.00 CDN


VERY CHOICE CANADA 1942 Tombac 5 Cents   MS66


Graded by ICCS in Toronto as MS66. This is the highest grade assigned to this coin. Spectacular orange red colour with flawless surfaces. Any marks " seen " in the pictures are … Price: $900.00 CDN


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