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Heddon Crab Wiggler In Frog Pattern


A standard sized crab wiggler. In used battle worn condition. Since this item is in our clearance section as well the lure is sold as-is. No worm burns or overpaint. From a … Price: $36.50 USD


Heddon Crazy Crawler


Standard size crazy crawler. Red head with the silver on white shore finish. Nice excellent condition to near mint. One small mark behind the left eye. One small pointer, no drags , … Price: $65.00 USD


Heddon Crazy Crawler In Frog Scale Colour


If it isn't frogscale then it is what it is. Measures 2 1/2 " long and is the standard size. In nice excellent condition with a few hook points and some age … Price: $49.00 USD


Heddon Greenscale Vamp


Part of a large number of lures to be sold as-is. This lure is also listed in the Clearance section so there is no returns. Standard size vamp. No overpaint. Has been … Price: $18.50 USD


Heddon Luny Frog Circa 1927 - 1928


A nice excellent condition - OPEN LEGGED version of the Luny Frog. Has minor scuffing near the knees but overall very nice. A scarce bait. All original with no paint touch ups. … Price: $139.00 CDN


Heddon Meadow Mouse


An early Heddon Mouse. Standard size. Full leather tail and leather ears. This lure was New Jersey Rigged for the 3 hook law that they had in place many years ago. Has … Price: $42.00 USD


Heddon River Runt Floater Spook in Yellow Perch


A gem mint example. Comes with 2 piece toilet seat hardware and galvanizd salt water hooks even ! Gleaming radiance. Comes with the correctly marked # 9400 L box with the mini-catalog. … Price: $82.00 USD


Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker 9110-RH MIB


Title explains everything here. Mint in the correct and original box to the bait. The box has one corner split and needs to be glued back together. Comes with full colour mini-catalog … Price: $68.00 USD




The bait is gleaming MINT but was discovered with the WRONG BOX. Anyways , you get a nice box for it, marked for a D9010RH Midget Go-Deeper River Runt. If I ever … Price: $165.00 USD


Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker in Rainbow Colour


Standard size. In nice near mint condition or better with no box. Avocado green on the top to rainbow to fuchsia pink on the bottom. A very pretty bait for the river … Price: $55.00 CDN


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