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SCARCE 1906 One belly Weight HEDDON # 450 KILLER Minnow


A very nice quality all original Heddon # 450 killer minnow. Circa 1906 - 1907. Very fresh with no missing paint. Has some light expected age lines from the thick paint used … Price: $700.00 USD


Scarce 2/0 T BUEL Arrowhead Spinner


The largest and most expensive size offered. Comes with a seldom seen pre-attached and permanent trolling steel leader. Post 1864 and pre 1892 . All T Buels are at least scarce and … Price: $650.00 USD


Scarce ABU Ambassadeur # 3000 Baitcaster


ABU # 3000 Svangsta - Sweden, rubber side model. This is classified as an early Ambassadeur despite not having the name " Ambassadeur on it ". They were issued in Leather Ambassadeur … Price: $179.00 USD


Scarce AC Spark Plug Advertising Novelty Lure


Circa 1947. Scarce AC spark plug lure made of die cut stainless metal. Cold painted afterwards but has lost some of its' original paint. These were made for only one season and … Price: $40.00 USD


Scarce and Very Early HEARDER of PLYMOUTH All Brass Winch


Measures a 3 " diameter. Has a strong constant check mechanism. Bone handle is cracked and somewhat seized and best left alone. The reel foot was a reel warrior and has had … Price: $345.00 USD


Scarce Balinson Aluminum Centerpin Reel


Circa 1895 - 1905. Fully Marked ..." Balinson " ...twice ! Also marked " pat app'd for " . Measures 4 " in diameter. It is 1 1/4 " in width. It … Price: $175.00 USD


Scarce Circa 1903 Baby Edgren Minnow


Small sized Edgren minnow of body length of only 1 1/2 " long. Looks new and unfished with high gloss finish, new hook and clean box swivel. Made in Illinois circa 1903. … Price: $129.00 USD


Scarce Colour Shakespeare CANADA Slim Jim   Unfished Condition


This is an even rarer colour of this Canadian version Slim Jim. Never touched water, shows some aging from being in storage in the dark for over a half century. Nice paint, … Price: $75.00 USD


Scarce Full Willow Turtle Trade Mark Creel


A full size standard Turtle Trade Mark Creel. I am not sure if these were made in Korea or Japan at the turn of the last Century as I have heard both. … Price: $875.00 USD


Scarce HEDDON # 150   Five Hook Minnow   Wet Looking


A beautiful minnow. Considered in my opinion as excellent condition + / - , a few points , a very light drag and moderate aging lines. Has a premium wet look, full … Price: $260.00 USD