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Superb Mint ALW Creek Chub Silver Flash Tenite Pikie Minnow


Outlandish quality. Choice mint condition, maybe missing 1, 2 or 3 silver flecks only. Original red cardboard plastic box liner. This lure has never been fished and is still a virgin by … Price: $119.00 CDN


Superb MINT Creek Chub #3000 Musky Lure Wooden Plug Bait


From the short lived Sioux City, Iowa Factory. This bait is gleaming and dripping wet with perfect paint. Mint condition. This jointed musky Pikie measures 6 1/4 " inches long for the … Price: $125.00 USD


Superb Near Mint Winchester Lure Blade


A very nice 2 " inch long or so Winchester lure blade. Marked as such with the number # 9645. Comes with no pin as this is how the lure was found. … Price: $100.00 USD


Superb Near Mint Pflueger Muskill # 2461 - 12


A gleaming near mint example. Unfished and sparkling with a superb shine and peacock treble hook. One small crescent of dark oxidation keeps this from mint class. Blade measures 3 3/4 " … Price: $89.00 USD


Superb Oliver & Gruber ”  GLOWURM ”  Lure Circa 1920


Virtually perfect and appears unfished. Hooks have oxidization most likely from tackle box moisture. Choice near-mint to mint. Was found in a tackle box with the original paper insert but no outer … Price: $239.00 CDN


Superb Swiss Made Thommen Record Half Bail Spinning Reel


Made just after the second world war. Impeccable quality and condition, hardly used with practically all of its' paint still intact. This is the best Thommen that I have ever handled. The … Price: $249.00 CDN


SWEET and BEAUTIFUL HEDDON   # 130 GE Torpedo Lure


A really nice bait. Green back with light green stripes on the sides. Circa 1924. Has desirable 2 piece toilet seat hardware. A past collector put a small dab of beigy paint … Price: $150.00 USD


Swiss Precision Reel Oiler, circa 1960’s.


Vintage reel oiler from Switzerland called the " LUBRISITE " . Has a spring loaded needle for pinpoint lubrication. Unused. A unique item that I have never seen before. This item is … Price: $14.00 USD


T W Lucas Jamestown ,  New York Metal Lure


Circa 1890 - 1900 and found in the Karl White Guide. Blade measures 1 7/8 " long. Fully marked & size # 6. An old 100 year + bait from downstste New … Price: $80.00 USD


The Dragon Bait , Circa 1953 , OHIO.


Measures 3 " long and is in GLEAMING GEM MINT CONDITION. No box or card however. Comes with original paper information insert that has been corner price clipped. Though this lure was … Price: $55.00 USD