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Scarce Full Willow Turtle Trade Mark Creel


A full size standard Turtle Trade Mark Creel. I am not sure if these were made in Korea or Japan at the turn of the last Century as I have heard both. … Price: $875.00 USD


Scarce HEDDON # 150   Five Hook Minnow   Wet Looking


A beautiful minnow. Considered in my opinion as excellent condition + / - , a few points , a very light drag and moderate aging lines. Has a premium wet look, full … Price: $260.00 USD


Scarce J T Buel 1/0 Spoon


Circa 1870 and in the desirable " T " style. Nice large size in the 1/0 version. Measures 2 3/4 " long. Shows very nice with beautiful dark and rich patina on … Price: $350.00 USD


Scarce LUCKY STRIKE Copper Metal Lure CANADA


My favorite Lucky Strike LURE. Measures 3 1/2 " long. Made of copper. Circa 1926 from Peterborough, Ontario . If only they could've stamp " Peterborough " on the lure , like … Price: $110.00 CDN


Scarce MEISSELBACH CATUCCI Symploreel # 752 ” the Levelite ”


Circa 1927 - 1933. Made with the hard rubber endplate called " catucite " . A fine condition reel in complete condition and in working order. Needs a cleanup. The knobs need … Price: $119.00 USD


Scarce Pair of Glass Minnow and Cricket Tubes.


Circa 1900 - 1910. Privately made by the looks of it. One is 5 " long and the other is 2 1/4 " long. One is for a minnow while the other … Price: $775.00 USD pair


Scarce PAUL BUNYAN Co.  Centipede Spinner Metal Lure


Nice choice near-mint condition. Measures 4 1/2 " inches long. Made in 1941. Marked " centipede Spinner, Pat Pnd ". Quite a hard bait to find with a high catalog value. … Price: $90.00 USD


SCARCE Pelouze (USA) Fishing Scale Circa 1900.


2 3/4 " inches long. French design but made by Pelouze Scale & Manufacturing Co. of Chicago, USA. Also marked " patented ". This scale is made for the tackle box. It … Price: $42.00 USD


Scarce Pre-1884   FARLOW SPOON   191 Strand ,  London


Measures 1 3/4 ' long for the body. Complete with tapered box swivel. An early English lure by this famous tackle maker. Over 120 years old. Price: $80.00 CDN


SCARCE Pre-1900 William Croft & Sons Metal Lure CANADA


An old fishing warrior from Canada. Dates just inside of 1900. Measures just a fraction under 3 " inches for the blade . This is a Buel style chamber bait arrowhead spinner. … Price: $45.00 USD