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World Coins

1961 YEMEN 1/80 Riyal MS65 RED ANACS


A 50 year old coin from Yemen. Anacs GEM MS65 RED. It is uncommon to find these coins in this state of preservation. These coins were workhorses in the 1960's and were … Price: $45.00 USD


1972 STATE of ISRAEL Silver 10 Lirot NGC MS66


Special mint striking thus the high grade. This coin has over 1/2 oz of pure silver in it...or nearly so. Beautiful artwork as with many of the modern issues from this official … Price: $37.00 USD


Cambodia, Laos Viet Nam Currency Note UNC Uncirculated ONE DONG note.


Can't read this note, it would be worthwhile to look up this note in PECK. Price: $39.00 USD


Cuba Bank Nacional 10 & 5 Peso Note Pair


1949 Design, 1960 issues. Both nice XF condition. One price for both notes. Price: $28.00 pair


GREECE 500 Drachmai Paper Note   Circa 1932


An underated note in most catalogs. Circa 1932 , BH series with a low serial number. Nice fine to Fine + condition with no issues. Despite the pre-war inflation in Greece this … Price: $35.00 USD


IRAN Silver 5000 Dinars NGC MS63 PQ dated for 1927


A superb original pastel toned BU coin. Problem free and the finest 1927 that I have owned. Most Iranian coins from this era are worn out and many other examples have been … Price: $300.00 USD


Isles Du Vent Windward Islands 12 Sols French Colonies


Old coin from the Lesser Antilles, dated 1731 H , struck at La Rochelle , France. Made of silver. Decent shape but has a trauma hole as shown in the picture. A … Price: $65.00 CDN




Historical medal honouring microbiologist Louis Pasteur for the opening of the Louis Pasteur Institute on may 13, 1905. This fellow was an interesting character who is formally known for his development of … Price: $125.00 USD


Mexican Government Civil War Currency


About VF condition, revalidation over stamp of December 17, 1914. Denomination of 5 pesos. Mexican civil war currency history is a long and complicated one. However, collecting this type of currency is … Price: $28.00 USD




Graded by NGC as MS65 Brown . Very lustrous. The value of the kopek has dropped off the planet in the last 30 years. Fortunately the older Imperial old kopeks have all … Price: $84.00 USD


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