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EXTREME Mid Century Modern Sterling Earrings


Marked 925 sterling. No other markings. Quite large and heavy. Has a seaweed motif covering a striated base. Could have been made anywhere between 1930 and 1960. For the specialist period jewelry … Price: $100.00 USD




Circa early 1960's . No damage and in excellent condition. Measures 5 1/2 " by 5 1/2 " by 3 " high. Wonderful orange colour encased with clear and a frosting of … Price: $100.00 USD


Rare 1955 Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special 38 Calibre Revolver Box


End label says it all, model 36 Chiefs Special with Blue Finish and square butt with 3 inch barrel. 38 calibre. An awesome post war gun with plenty of stopping power for … Price: $65.00 USD




Unknown maker. Body measures 3 1/2 " long. Has 2 Italian glass mouth blown beads. The trailing bead has a chip in it. Excellent condition overall. Perhaps a Canadian lure but unsure. … Price: $100.00 CDN


Early Metal Albert Tomlin Lure


A Canadian metal lure. Circa 1920's. Body measures 2 1/2 " long. Nickle plated brass or copper. Comes with an early box swivel and double hook at the back. Marked ReG'd FEB … Price: $100.00 CDN


PRE PATENT   Frank Burdett Metal Lure from Gravenhurst , Ontario


Circa 1902 to early 1903. Marked Pat pending . Measures 4 ' long for the body. Original hook and inner Italian glass beads. The patent pending versions are truly Canadian examples of … Price: $125.00 CDN


EXTREMELY RARE Canada Needle Fishing Tackle Triple Arrowhead Lure


Circa early 1900's. Hook is probably a replacement. The three brass sections measure 3 " inches long. The entire ensemble is longer. The 2 largest blades are marked with a " diamond … Price: $165.00 CDN


LOETZ MARTELE Cabinet Vase Circa 1898


Perfect condition with base wearing. Measures 4 1/2 " high by 4 inches across. Creamy mother pf pearl color. Introduced in 1898. Not made for a long time. Offers considered. A nicer … Price: $125.00 USD


Wonderful PFLUEGER ATLAPAC TUNA & Big Game Reel


Measures a large 4 1/2 " across the face. Excellent working condition. Has a cosmetic battle scar on the rim and a small nick by the clutch adjustment. Still shows overall somewhere … Price: $775.00 USD


J A COXE MODEL Number # 60 Baitcasting Reel


A very nice condition Model 60 baitcaster reel. Appears unfished despite the closure on the original leather case being opened thousands of times. Has some light chrome loss on the front facing … Price: $125.00 USD




MIB . Face of the reel measures 5 1/2 " diameter. Gleaming condition and unfished. Though boxes for these reels exist , there aren't that many of them. Circa 1926. Almost 100 … Price: $275.00 USD




Graded SP64. A mirror specimen with proof characteristics. The reverse rates a full SP66 while I grade the Obverse SP64.50 . The coin is very much in gem territory. All copper specimens … Price: $4500.00 CDN


Superb Mink Stone Inuit Carving


Circa 1950's. Measures 12 1/2 " long by 2 1/2 " wide and high. Made of water polished hardstone typical of Cape Dorset, Povungnituk or Port Harrison . Marked with multiple scratchings … Price: $375.00 CDN


SCARCE Pre-Patent Circa 1917 Creek Chub ALBINO CRAWFISH


Retains all paint but does have age lines . Missing rubber legs which were very fragile even after a few wettings. Has the SMALL unpainted unmarked diving lip. After 1920 the patent … Price: $125.00 USD




Circa 1828 - 1840. Cut and finished 14 panel shape. Has aging on the inside and the odd areas of light wear, moderate to heavy base wearing as would be expected for … Price: $3500.00 USD


HEDDON RIVER RUNT Spook Sinker in Scarce Glow Worm Color


NO Box . Flap rig hardware . Vibrant radiant radium paint finish and still very thick. Hooks have the characteristic white smut from tackle box storage. Overall an excellent bait . Not … Price: $155.00 USD




No maker's name , but marked " Made in France ". Dog measures 9 " long and 4 1/2 " high. Base measures 4" by 12 " . This is a bronze … Price: $175.00 USD


MT. Washington Glass Works Amberina Vase


Circa 1890 or close to this. Measures 5 " high by 1 1/14 " at the top, the 2 knops are 3 " diameter each. No damage . When I saw this … Price: $100.00 USD




Circa 1928 - 1932. Measures 9 " high with various diameters of 3 " 4 " and 5 " in the middle. No damage. Has moderate base wearing and ground out pontil … Price: $265.00 USD


RANDSFJORDGLASS NORWAY Biomorphic Square Glass Bowl Centerpiece


Outstanding condition and fully stickered. Designed by glass master Benny Motzfeldt from 1967 - 1970. Nice large size measuring 5 " cubic approximately. No damage. Called biomorphic glass , it resembles the … Price: $450.00 USD


RANDSFJORDGLASS Benny Motzfeldt Biomorphic Glass


Not very long ago this glass was quite affordable , but in recent years glass lovers have discovered the colors and innovative techniques and fine points regarding this style of glass. Similar … Price: $250.00 USD


Rare and Early Brass Pigott Spinner


Circa 1903 and made by Robert Edward Pigott of the UK . Body measures 2 " long. Made of brass and then guilded in gold. One of the fins has a retailers … Price: $500.00 USD


RARE HEARDER of Plymouth No #1 Size Arrowhead Spinner


Circa 1850's . Somewhat similar to the Buel Arrowhead of the same time period. This piece is a British bait from the UK. Body of the lure measures 1 1/4 " long. … Price: $425.00 USD




Freshly graded NGC MS64 , properly graded and quite mark free for the grade. B mintmark for Bombay. Though a high mintage coin , the population of the country was as equally … Price: $200.00 USD


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