NUMBER # 1 What is HOT in the Antiques World , with 151 registered votes is , did you guess it right ??

RARE and High Quality WORLD COINS , the passion of kings and still the World's most popular hobby.

Nice coins from Australia , the UK, Latin America, China, Norway, the British Commonwealth, Russia, Greece, Italy , USA and Canada lead the way. If it isn't a highly valued collector coin, then it is a modern bullion issue. Certain coins from most of these countries are still setting record prices at auction. With grading companies now situated worldwide, rarer coins are getting much more exposure now and are entering the marketplace almost every day. AS the price of gold and silver continues to increase, yesterdays coins made in this metal will attract more people to this hobby and antique collectable. If you start young enough , a well thought out coin portfolio is better than an RSP. Good coins can literally take care of you when you get older. By the results of this information, any antique collector should have coins of some sort in their antique holdings.

Thank you for everybody who participated , if you feel that there are antiques that are hotter than this , email your thoughts along, I can always create a new post. Sincerely, Grant Rowland

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