2014 What's hot and what is not survey examples are in ! Thank you for all the participation. Results will be listed over the next 10 weeks.

NUMBER 7 - What is NOT HOT , with 42 votes , Is DEPRESSION GLASS , a loss of collector interest has forced this market downwards pricewise.

NUMBER 6 - What is NOT HOT with 44 votes is CARNIVAL GLASS , soft prices across the table, many pieces can be bought at 40 % - 50 % of book value. A few pieces still set record prices, but not many .

NUMBER 7 - What's HOT ! with 45 votes is rare SHELLY PORCELAIN, with a high attention to rare pattern cups and saucers.

NUMBER 6 - WHAT'S HOT at 52 votes is quality and early MURANO GLASS , common pieces are hurting price wise, but better material is getting tougher and tougher to buy each day.

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