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GORDIAN III Circa 242-243 AD Sestertius


AE, bronze and in nice VF condition. Portrait still shows detailed hairlines at the top of the bust. A quality problem free example. Offers considered. Price: $155.00 USD


Greek - Egypt BRONZE Ptolemy IV Circa 221 - 204 BC


AE bronze, 39.2 mm and 45.9 grams. Large size. Beautiful Porttrait coin without much of the distracting centre hole. Reverse still needs some advanced professional cleaning. All around a decent coin. … Price: $185.00 USD




AE 12 mm. Lysimachus was an army general and also close bodyguard of Alexander the Great. Choice VF to XF condition. He was mainly stationed in Asia Minor and Thessolinica. A very … Price: $330.00 USD


Greek Fractional Currency Silver PHOENICIA


AG, 8mm, 0.6 grams. War Galley Reverse, Greek Lady or Godess on the obverse. Original . Circa 3rd Century BC. Price: $89.00 USD




Died 12 BC , struck under Gaius Caesar Caligula. Neptune facing left reverse. VF condition. Coin exhibits heavy thick patina from underground conditions. It is extremely difficult to find this coin in … Price: $249.00 USD


Holy Roman Empire BYZANTINE Bronze Lot


AE , average sizes of 15 to 20 mm each. Unknown rulers. a good research lot. Circa 400 to 500 AD . 6 pieces in total . Price: $28.00 USD Lot


HYKSOS Egyptian Period Scarab Seal Circa 1600 BC


Hyksos period from 1750 BC to 1500 BC. This time period encompasses Israels enslavement in Egypt. Seal measures 10mm by 17mm. It looks to be professionally repaired 3/4 of the way up. … Price: $99.00 USD


JULIAN I I   ”  The Apostate ” Bronze Roman Coin


AE, 17.7 mm maximum diameter. XF condition or nearly so. Circa 360 AD, appears to be struck as an " Augustus " issue. Scarce. Reverse shows soldier dragging a captive by the … Price: $85.00 USD


NANTAN China Meteorite


Not your average ancient artifact. This is a nice sized meteorite. Measures 29mm by 18mm, weight of 21.1 Grams. A great piece of cosmic debris since day one of creation. … Price: $55.00 USD


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