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A L & W Creek Chub TENITE Pikie Lure


This is the ALW Pikie all the way. Made of tenite with larger oversized eyes. ALW back then used whatever they could to complete their lures sometimes. Measures 3 1/4 " inches … Price: $44.00 USD


A L & W Toronto Double Spinner Metal Lure Circa 1910


Canada's copied version of Pflueger's Bearcat Spinner. Gold on silver spot pattern. Blades are 2 9/16 " inches long as opposed to Pflueger's 2 1/2 " . Also has 4 added copper … Price: $79.00 CDN


A L& W Baby Tenite Creek Chub Pikie


Measures 3 1/4 " long. This lure is in mint unfished condition, even the laquer is still blocking the line tie. It is however very lightly box rubbed so the net grade … Price: $109.00 CDN


Abbey & Imbrie Fluted Metal Spoon Lure


Circa 1900 or very close to that. Size # 4 3/4 ...but that is not the lure length !!! Measures 1 7/8 " inches long for the blade. Excellent condition or better … Price: $60.00 USD


Abbey & Imbrie Glowbody Metal Lure


About 3 " inches long and circa 1920, making this bait almost 90 years old ! Has a glass body and radium centre to glow in the dark when put under a … Price: $215.00 USD


Abbey & Imbrie Raised Piller Trout Reel


A 1 1/2 " diameter quad nickel plated raised piller trout reel with original thick braided line on it. Excellent condition. The reel foot has been neatly filed on each side many … Price: $129.00 USD


Abercrombie & Fitch Greenheart Wood Fly Rod


Looks to be greenheart or lance wood and is far stiffer than bamboo. This is a 9 ' foot 3/2 rod. 3 pieces with two tip sections. Comes with a canvas cover … Price: $425.00 USD


ABU ABUmatic # 150 Spincasting Reel


The most versatile and dependable spincast ever made ....... ever ........ period. Smooth casting and pickup along with that very special clutch line release. Circa 1965 ish. Price: $120.00 USD


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