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Vintage Sports Cards

1911-12 C55 PERCY LeSUEUR HOF Hockey Card High Grade


Percy Lesueur, HOF 1961, Born 1881 - 1962. Percy Lesueur was a prominent goalie for the Ottawa Senators from about 1911 to 1917, he then played for the Toronto St.Pats & Shamrocks. … Price: $1475.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Alex Currie Card # 13 Hockey Card


From a small horde of cards from a Sudbury resident discovered in the early 1990's. This card is practically how it was out of a cigarette package. Full colour and sharp corners. … Price: $465.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Arthur Bernier Hockey Card # 37


A very choice card discovered in a collection up in Sudbury in the early 1990's. Full colour, no tobacco stains and just a wisp of wear on the corners. Slightly off center. … Price: $550.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Card # 43 Eugene Payan


A decent condition card . Corners have light wear, great centering and light tobacco staining on the lower 1/4 of the back of the card. Grades strictly from 5 to 5.5 / … Price: $270.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Card #11 Marty Walsh HOF OUTSTANDING PQ ++++


An unbelievable quality card from nearly 100 years back. Razor sharp colours and full colour with no tobacco stains. The only thing barring this card a prefect score is the off centering. … Price: $1500.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Harry Livingstone Gilmour Hockey Card HOF


This is a goalie card, HOF of Harry Livingstone Gilmour, there are reference errors calling him John Gilmour in some of the price guides. He was born in 1881 and died in … Price: $895.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Hockey Card # 8 J. MacDonald


A decent card of the C55 series. There is no data as to the first name of this player. Card # 8. Grades about 5 / 10 . Light corner wearing with … Price: $280.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 James Ogilvie ” Odie ” Cleghorn


Born 1891 to 1956. Brother of bad boy Hall of Famer Sprague Cleghorn. Odie died a few days after Spragues fatal car mishap just before his funeral. Grades a solid 4.5 / … Price: $385.00 CDN


1911-12 James Gardiner HOF C55 Hockey Card


A very nice card from a small horde found in Sudbury , Ontario. This is card # 36. All of the Gardiner players were stars and Hall of Famers. This card is … Price: $850.00 CDN


1911-1912 C55 Ed Oatman Hockey Card


A very choice and premium grade Canadian Tobacco hockey card. Ed Oatman of the Quebec Bulldogs. This card is considered a common. More info can be obtained on Wikipedia or similar site. … Price: $690.00 CDN


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