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1893 E. LEITZ Brass Microscope


A superb ALL BRASS German microscope. All original and undamaged. This scientific instrument comes with the original serial number card ( # 26224 ) , which was issued with the microscope in … Price: $895.00 USD


19th Century Brass Hydrometer


Exact age unknown. Est. circa 1815. Made by Loertling , London. It is a number # 16 model and designed for a 60 degree starting point. Used in the making of beer … Price: $249.00 USD


19th Century French Scale


Early 19th Century scale. Looks French made but has no markings. Stands 8 " inches high. Made with cast iron, brass and aluminum. Works excellent and is in superb condition. Over 100 … Price: $175.00 USD


Antique Brass Equine or Agricultural Syringe


An old turn of the century syringe most likley used on horses and cows. Measures 8 1/2 " inches long and in excellent working condition. No makers name or markings or lettering … Price: $92.00 USD


Antique Camera Tripod


Circa 1930 and hardly used. Masculine style in cold painted black with nickel plated brass hardware throughout. 1st rate quality. Nothing is cheap about this tripod construction. Measure 20 " long in … Price: $70.00 USD


Antique Dental or Apothecary Burner Circa 1900


Measures about 4 inches by 4 1/2 " high. Made with a cast iron base and higher quality chrome or surgical steel upper half. Very hard to ascertain just what exactly what … Price: $129.00 USD


Brass Field Microscope


Circa mid to later 1800's . No makers name or markings. Very well made with a 2mm thick brass base. Excellent undamaged condition. Made in the UK or France. Could be German … Price: $165.00 USD


Extremely Rare Confederate Army Civil War Telescopic Rifle Sight


A superb offering. This item was a cherry pick out of a collection of 42 Civil War items from a prominent Toronto, Ontario collector. Of the 42 pieces assembled over a period … Price: $ offers


Gold Rush Era Miners Brass Assay Bowl


Measures 10 1/2 " diameter by 4 " high. Considerable wearing, chop marks and dings. Numbered inventory # 9266 on the bottom. Quite weighty at over 10 pounds ! Be prepared for … Price: $179.00 CDN


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