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Vintage Sports Cards

We are currently strong in Canadian Vintage Hockey, as this is our mainstay. We do have other cards from different sports including baseball, boxing and lacrosse from time to time. Search regularly for interesting finds. Please ask for common vintage hockey cards as this is a large focus area.




A very tough card to find in decent grade. Most of the time the number one card in a card set was prone to much abuse and contact with harsh rubber bands. … Price: $535.00 USD


1936-37 O-PEE-Chee Charlie Conacher


Series D , Card # 123, V-304D . A decent and scarce card of this superstar Toronto Maple Leaf player. He was the centre of the famous " Kid Line " . … Price: $600.00 USD


1937-38 O-Pee-Chee Series E V-304 E Allan Shields


Simply superb and practically right out of a pack !! Card # 162. A nice example of a pre-world war card. Grades 8.6 / 10 . Price: $450.00 USD


1949 Roy Campanella ROOKIE CARD # 84


Superb condition but for a faint one sided production crease at the forehead on the front of the card. Looks near mint ! Full colour and a real head turner ! It … Price: $475.00 USD


1951-52 Parkhurst #28 WOODY DUMART


Nice mid-grade or better. Price: $80.00 CDN


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