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Vintage Sports Cards

We are currently strong in Canadian Vintage Hockey, as this is our mainstay. We do have other cards from different sports including baseball, boxing and lacrosse from time to time. Search regularly for interesting finds. Please ask for common vintage hockey cards as this is a large focus area.


Old Small Model of Stanley Cup   machined Aluminum


Title says it all. Measures 4 1/2 " tall. Extremely technically made of Machined aluminum and set in a superb black hard rubber base of some sort. Reads " Ultra - Form … Price: $90.00 USD


1974 - 1975 Opee-Chee Full Master Hockey Card Set


A jaw dropping set with over 370 / 396 cards in superb near - mint to gem grade. Throw away the grading services. The rest are very nice near mints in anybodys … Price: $2400.00 CDN


1975-76 OpeeChee Reference Hockey Card Set   COMPLETE with Variations


Over 400 cards with all variations. No card #395 as this was not printed. All team cards are clean , all checklists are unmarked. Over 290 cards are gem mint, the rest … Price: $1750.00 CDN


Circa 1893 - 1905 Wellington Model NHL Skates


A very old pair of hockey skates. Clearly marked on each, " Wellington - Hockey " with crossed hockey sticks. Worn but still in very nice shape with the original leather thong … Price: $260.00 CDN


Antique Hockey Ice Skates


Origin unknown. About 12 " long each. Flat wood base with steel blade. No markings or makers name. Old cotton cloth strap tie remains. Very rare in this type of style. Over … Price: $100.00 CDN


Antique Rawlings Baseball Glove


MLB quality, circa 1928 - 1937. Stitched leather between forefinger and thumb only. Nice thick leather. Bottom stitching also intact with no stuffing lost. No holes as well and all original. Rawlings … Price: $109.00 USD


Circa 1905 Baseball Glove


A very old baseball glove. It is hard to really understand why this glove never made it to the garbage bin. Now however, it is a sports museum piece. Made of leather … Price: $49.00 USD


1911-12 C55 Arthur Bernier Hockey Card # 37


A very choice card discovered in a collection up in Sudbury in the early 1990's. Full colour, no tobacco stains and just a wisp of wear on the corners. Slightly off center. … Price: $550.00 CDN


1911-12 James Gardiner HOF C55 Hockey Card


A very nice card from a small horde found in Sudbury , Ontario. This is card # 36. All of the Gardiner players were stars and Hall of Famers. This card is … Price: $850.00 CDN


1911-12 C55 Alex Currie Card # 13 Hockey Card


From a small horde of cards from a Sudbury resident discovered in the early 1990's. This card is practically how it was out of a cigarette package. Full colour and sharp corners. … Price: $465.00 CDN


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