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Our newest category. Every art and antique enthusiast shoud learn and appreciate something about this particular collector field.


SUPERB CHINESE Brushed Finish   Antique BRONZE   SPICE   URN


Circa 1890 - 1920. Very hard to date accurately. Exceptional brushed finish on bronze. Measures 12 ' high by 6 ' maximum diameter. No markings. A nice highlight for any antique Asian … Price: $265.00 USD


Early Laquer Cloisonne ANDO SHIPPO Cabinet Vase


Meiji Japan period, circa 1890 - 1892. Measures 5 " high by about 3 " diameter. Pigeon blood red cloisonné on bronze , then lacquered over. Images of bamboo trees and birds … Price: $179.00 USD




Decorative arts in Russia and the far east differed in style and culture at the beginning of last century. Europe had it's Deco and Nouveau, however , these design styles never penetrated … Price: $165.00 USD


Wonderful   Mid - Qing Sang de Boeuf Monochrome VASE


Circa 1840 - 1880. Brackish brown over red oxblood glaze. Glaze is blown applied. Hard white paste porcelain. The neatest thing about collecting Chinese monochrome porcelains is the fact that the colours … Price: $235.00 USD




Measures 4 1/2 " high by 3 " wide . Undamaged. Reverse pear shaped monochrome ink pot. Looks to be Chinese by shape. Made of a high fired or double - fired … Price: $80.0 USD


TIBETIAN Buddha Head Pre -1900


Silver plate on cast bronze. Measures roughly 5 " high by 3 " diameter. Decent quality form and construction. Circa 1880 - 1900. Though not a Buddhist myself nor a follower of … Price: $125.00 USD


Superb Burgundy Red Monochrome Gourd Vase


Mid Qing dynasty, circa 1790 - 1860. Measures 4 " high by about 2 1/2 " wide at the middle. No markings. High quality hard paste porcelain. Speckled monochrome burgundy colour. Handpicked … Price: $350.00 USD


Qing Dynasty Bronze Censer


Made in China, but well made. Four piece 3 seam spun and worked construction. Odd UFO shaping. Excellent condition with lots of wear and character. No holes. Has some Japanese influence. No … Price: $110.00 USD


Very Early Earthenware Spouted Chinese Soya Pot


These 19th century pottery pots have been found in both British Columbia , Australia and the Southwest United States. Used by railroad workers and mineral prospectors. This piece has much usage but … Price: $55.00 CDN