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Chinese Art Nouveau Dragon Pottery Vase


A superb piece from the Art Nouveau era. Circa 1900 - 1910. Stands 6.5 " high and is 6 " wide at the middle. Undamaged and in excellent condition. The silvering of … Price: $275.00 USD


Chinese Export Porcelain Majolica Ducks


Circa 1910 - 1930. These are considered `` Indian Runner `` ducks. Beautifully executed. The large one stands 12 `` high and is 6 `` deep while the small one is about … Price: $185.00 USD Set




Decorative arts in Russia and the far east differed in style and culture at the beginning of last century. Europe had it's Deco and Nouveau, however , these design styles never penetrated … Price: $165.00 USD


Circa 1890 Porcelain Blue Monochrome Cabinet Vase


Stands 6 1/2 " high by 3 " widest diameter. The Chinese monochrome revival was a short porcelain movement utilizing centuries old glaze recipies used on Fine Royal appointed Ming Period porcelains. … Price: $185.00 USD


Early Laquer Cloisonne ANDO SHIPPO Cabinet Vase


Meiji Japan period, circa 1890 - 1892. Measures 5 " high by about 3 " diameter. Pigeon blood red cloisonné on bronze , then lacquered over. Images of bamboo trees and birds … Price: $179.00 USD


Early Meiji Period Bronze Incense Vase


Circa 1870 , possibly a little earlier. Stands 6 3/4 " high by about 2 1/2 " diameter near the bottom. Unsigned. Either used in a temple or at one's residence. Excellent … Price: $165.00 USD


Exquisite Chinese ” Faberge ”  Stone Dog


Circa 1905 - 1915. Measures roughly 3 " high by 2 1/2 " long when standing up. This was the Chinese answer to the Russian stone Faberge carvings. Made of rare Chinese … Price: $725.00 USD


Japanese Art Nouveau Bronze Cloisonned Jardinaire


Meiji period circa 1880 -1910. Bronze with traditional enamel paste cloisonne. Excellent condition or better with a few tiny pieces of Cloisonne scaling. Vibrant colours with an oriental ancanthus scrolling motiff. A … Price: $329.00 USD