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1693 BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG 12 MarienGroschen 1/2 Taler ANACS MS61


This is a smaller version 1/2 taler coin from this German State........ it is unbelievable that this coin is still in mintstate with old tyme toning. Any wildman coin this early , … Price: $625.00 USD


1701 Brunswick Luneberg Calenberg Hannover 2/3 Taler NGC MS63 ex Virgil Brand Collection


A rare mintstate coin from the famed Virgil Brand Collection. Struck in 1701 and is 312 Years old ! Still in mintstate. A beautiful " horsey coin " . Mark and scratch … Price: $885.00 USD


1764 German States Stolberg-Rossla C-37 2/3 Taler NGC MS63 PQ


This coin is misattributed as Stolberg-Stolberg but is actually Stolberg-Rossla, the C-37 label is correct but the grader looked at the opposite page to get his proper state. Nevertheless, the 2 state … Price: $925.00 USD


1767 E Silver Prussia Germany 1/6 Taler NGC Graded MS63 PQ +


This is a coin that I thought would grade MS64 or MS65. Nice surfaces and practically mark free. No carbon spots and very choice. A nice scarce mintstate coin over 240 years … Price: $495.00 USD


1801 Germany Munster State 1/24 Taler Choice NGC Graded MS62 PQ


Picture doesn't do much justice on this coin. Lustrous toned fields on both the obverse and reverse. Could easily grade much higher. A seldom seen German state in mintstate. Over 200 years … Price: $269.00 USD


1846 Bavaria State Germany 3 Kreuzer BU


Choice select mintstate , BU MS 63 or better. It is uncanny that these old minstate coins are less than $50.00 in mintstate. If it were a USA coin the prices would … Price: $48.00 USD


1849 Frankfurt German States 2 Gulden ICG MS63 PQ +


Commemorative for Goethe's birth. Extensive steel toning from years of residing in an old paper flip. Coin still retains all of its' lustre and is mark free. Looks GEM grade , or … Price: $445.00 USD


1871 Germany 1 Pfennig Proof Pattern PCGS Proof 63


Imperial Germany's first pattern coin for the " Kaiserreich ", though not adopted for the 1873 mintages, it was a very nice design and must have received many votes. This coin is … Price: $375.00 USD


1874-D Germany Empire 20 Pfennig


Near uncirculated or about uncirculated. Vz +++. Munich mint. Munchen. Nicely toned and near Unc. Scarce. Price: $48.00 USD


1888A   PRUSSIA German State 2 Marks ZWEI Mark PCGS MS66


A small group of these came up for sale in western Europe a few years back. Most were simply outstanding being GEM Class or higher. This is one of them. Beautiful strike, … Price: $415.00 USD


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