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World Coins

1708 Great Britain Shilling Queen Anne Third Bust ICG MS65 PQ


A superb Great Britain shilling that is in GEM mintstate and over 300 years old. I still ponder how these coins survived for such a long time without getting handled. This coin … Price: $1550.00 USD


1762 Great Britain Threepence NGC Graded MS61 PQ ++


A richly toned coin that looks to be an MS63 grade as opposed to what grade is on the holder. Still a very nice coin that is approaching 250 years old and … Price: $179.00 USD


1787 Great Britain Shilling ICG MS 61 PQ


A very nice coin for the grade. Appears to grade MS62 . Reverse is choice MS 63 + , obverse has subdued gunmetal toning and some light contact. This is the variety … Price: $279.00 USD


1787 Great Britain SIXPENCE PCGS MS63 PQ Undergraded Plus GRADING PRIMER


Sometimes I'll receive emails from people demanding me tell them why I claim this or that coin is undergraded when it is in a third party holder graded by three so - … Price: $329.00 USD


1798 Pattern Great Britain GUINEA NGC Proof 64


This is the rare Kuchler pattern series. Montagu # 676. NGC has graded 4 pieces ....... 1 in 63, 2 in 64, and 1 in 65. The guinea is guilt gold over … Price: $3950.00 CDN


1805 British Ireland Gold Gilt Pattern Penny ICG Proof 62 PQ +


The grading of this coin is a little low and harsh. This rare pattern penny is deserving of a Proof 63 designation. This coin is very similar to the adopted design, however, … Price: $1350.00 USD




Extremely rare this nice. Still has mint red on it. Struck in 1814 and almost 200 years old. A dated token of this type sold for $84.00 USD last year in Vg-Fine … Price: $500.00 USD


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