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Canadian Coins

1942 Canada 5 Cents Nickel MS63 PCGS PQ


A nice war era 5 cents. These nickel coins are rising in Trends as they have been priced low for a long time now. This coin has a gem reverse and very … Price: $88.00 CDN


1922 CANADA 5 Cents Nickel PCGS MS65 GEM


A beautiful piece. Nearly full strike on the obverse, complete fill strike on the reverse. Clean fields and lots of lustre. Any gem George V nickel is a highlight in any collection. … Price: $1,000.00 CDN Offers considered.


1913 CANADA 5 Cents PCGS MS64


An attractive silver 5 cents from 1913. Nice for the grade with golden toning. Price: $185.00 CDN


1911 CANADA 5 Cents Silver PCGS MS65 GEM


A very pleasing coin and properly graded. Original smooth toning on flawless surfaces. Has everything to be expected of for Gem grade. A good date. Enter this coin into the PCGS registry. … Price: $400.00 CDN


1903 Canada 5 Cents ICG MS66 PQ


MS66 in anybodys grading service. ICCS has already seen this coin, but I opted to put the coin into a holder that won't let the coin slide all over the place. Superb … Price: $2500.00 CDN


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