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Canadian Coins

1935 CANADA Dollar NGC MS64 Superb PQ


Hard to figure out why this coin didn't MS65 as I've seen worse coins in higher graded holders. NICE PQ + . Price: $275.00 CDN


1935 Canada Silver Dollar ICG MS64 Very PQ


Exceptional for the grade. Really looks gem. Properly graded by ICG and stored with an intercept gasket for lasting professional protection. Premium quality. Price: $200.00 CDN


1935 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS65 Gem


A nice toned dollar with all original striated toning, especially on the obverse. The reverse is also gem toned. You will notice a a few spots of blotchy toning on the reverse. … Price: $575.00 CDN


1936 CANADA Dollar NGC MS64 PQ


A very choice dollar, well struck with original toning. One of the nicest and prettiest crown coins designed for the 20th Century. The reverse captures the essense of Canada as we know … Price: $375.00 CDN


1936 Canada Silver Dollar NGC MS65


A very nice all original toned coin. This coin has already been reviewed by Sandy Campbell of Nova Scotia and meets MS65 grade criteria. Very choice but not an MS66. 1936 MS65's … Price: $1165.00 CDN


1937 CANADA Dollar NGC MS64


A very high grade for a coin that is nearly impossible to get in MS65. As a matter of fact, some of the 65's that I have seen weren't really 65's , … Price: $400.00 CDN


1938 CANADA Silver Dollar NGC MS64 PQ Toned Blaster


A very , VERY beautiful all original toned multi-colour Canadian silver dollar from 1938. This is a semi-key date with a mintage under 100,000 pieces. This is a coin that has dropped … Price: $1200.00 CDN


1939 CANADA Dollar ICCS MS64 PQ


A nice coin with impeccable fields that are virtualy mark free. Choice. Price: $155.00 CDN


1939 CANADA Dollar NGC MS65 Multicolour PQ


The 1939 dollar is one coin that comes in all sorts of beautiful colours even in lower grades. This coin combines colour and grade together all in one. All George VI coins … Price: $750.00 CDN


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