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Canadian Coins

1876 H Canada Cent NGC MS63 Brown PQ ++


Photos do not do justice as coin looks superb in hand. Superb Lustrous fields. Unblemished. Should be MS64. No carbon spots. Satin lustre fields. An underated date by todays standards as population … Price: $355.00 CDN


1882 H CANADA Cent NGC MS63 Brown


A simply outstanding satin lustrous cent that is virtually mark free and still has remaining red lustre. E xtremely choice without any contact marks. Should be graded higher and premium quality. No … Price: $295.00 CDN


1884 CANADA 1 Cent NGC MS62 Red & Brown


A choice coin for the grade and very well struck with sharp hair detail. No carbon spots or corrosion cells. A nice coin. Price: $179.00 CDN


1888 Canada 1 Cent NGC MS63 Brown


A superb radiant electric lustrous coin. Well struck for this date . No carbon spots or active cancers. A dynamite coin with lots of lustre. The best thing about buying lustrous high … Price: $209.00 CDN


1890 H Canada Cent NGC MS62 Brown PQ


A tough date to find nice examples. This coin is problem free with no carbon or distractions. Has matte specimen surfaces. Coin is rather flawless and mark free deserving of a higher … Price: $279.00 CDN


1892 CANADA Cent Obverse #4 ICCS MS62 Red & Brown


The 1892 is a coin that is somewhat underated and not in all dealer inventories. VERY well & sharply struck with a good amount of red present. Price: $200.00 CDN


1893 Canada 1 cent NGC MS64 Brown PQ Electric


A simply outstanding electric lustre cent from 1893. Looks full gem with absolutely beautiful full vibrant lustre. No marks, carbon spots or other distractions. One must thank a wealthy Industrialist for putting … Price: $449.00 CDN


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