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Canadian Coins

1937 CANADA 50 Cents NGC MS63 Superb PQ+


This coin is far above average and has superfresh lustre with original colourful toning. Tough to locate this nice. You can find dipped or untoned examples quite easily , but not like … Price: $250.00 CDN


1940 CANADA 50 CENTS   ICCS MS63 Brilliant BU


Typical bright coin with some contact associated with the grade. Price: $100.00 CDN


1942 CANADA 50 Cents ICG MS63


A nice bright undipped example graded by ICG. Price: $125.00 CDN


1944 CANADA 50 Cents PCGS MS64 Screamer Quality


Analyzing the Canadian Coin Market is always a lot of fun. Let's look at George VI halves. Gems are rare except for the 1952's which show up occasionally. For the years 1940 … Price: $550.00 CDN


1945 Canada 50 Cents ICG MS63 Brilliant Uncirculated


Splendid for the grade. Strong lustre. A slightly better date in MS63 as opposed to earlier 40's dates. Price: $120.00 CDN


1947 Curved Right CANADA 50 Cents Superb PCGS MS64 PQ


Simply outstanding and gorgeous. This is what collecting is all about. Being patient and handling the right type of material. Toned , all original with great surfaces and lustre. Rare this nice. … Price: $1500.00 CDN


1947 ML CANADA 50 Cents PCI MS64 PQ Choice Toned.


A great coin residing in a PCI Holder. This coin is a 64 in anybodys holder. Gorgeous ! A tough coin to find in mintstate and in my opinion, very underrated. Very … Price: $750.00 CDN


1951 CAMADA 50 Cents NGC MS64 Choice PQ


A very nice flawless example that should be MS65. Price: $150.00 CDN


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