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Canadian Coins

1870 Canada 25 Cents PCGS SP64 Masterpiece London Specimen Proof


Owning any Victorian specimen should be a Canadian Coin Collection centrepiece. The larger the better. This coin is one of the best. First , it is undergraded and looks like a FULL … Price: $ POR


1870 Canada Quarter PCGS MS64


A very beautiful near gem 25 cent piece. Has rich pastel toning from years being inside an old paper flip, so call it paper toning. Housed in a 2nd generation PCGS Holder … Price: $3650.00 CDN


1871H CANADA 25 Cents Victoria MS62


All 1871 quarters are difficult to find in mintstate. This is a nice clean example. Ex: Bob Armstrong collection. Price: $2,200.00 CDN


1872 H Canada 25 Cents ICG MS63 PQ Brilliant


A very choice quarter from Canada. Catalog current trends value of $2,500.00 CDN. This coin comes from the 1991 Mid-American Rare Coin Auction ( August I believe ), if not, then check … Price: $2200.00 CDN


1900 CANADA 25 Cents Victoria ICCS MS62 PQ


It is hard to believe that this coin only graded a 62. I highly suggest sending it to NGC or PCGS for a 63 designation. The obverse has practically nothing in the … Price: $1325.00 CDN


1900 Canada 25 Cents Rainbow Toned ICG MS63


A very beautiful coin and properly graded. The reverse is practically GEM MS 65 or better . The Obverse has some light bagging contact keeping the coin from a higher grade. The … Price: $1385.00 Cdn


1902H CANADA 25 Cents Edward ICCS MS62 PQ


A nice all orignal toned Edward quarter on the cusp of MS63 Grade. Won't disappoint any collector of Canadian quarters. Price: $575.00 CDN




A richly toned pastel beauty. An extremely rare date to find in mintstate as well. Virtually ALL Edward quarters in MS64 or better are rarer than moon rocks. Strong strike and all … Price: $ POR


1908 Norweb Specimen CANADA 25 Cents PCGS SP64


From the Famous Norweb Collection. This is the better of the 2 pieces offered. Choice for the grade. Original matte toned surfaces. Full details. NICE 1908 specimens are tough to come by. … Price: $1150.00 CDN


1920 CANADA 25 Cents PCGS MS65 GEM


A scarce date in GEM. Older PCGS holder. Weaker struck coin. Full brilliant lustre and cartwheel toning. Trends for $2000 CDN, Serious offers considered. A great coin for the PCGS Registry. … Price: $1900.00 CDN