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Canadian Coins

RARE FEDERAL BANK OF CANADA $5.00   Note Circa 1874.


Notes from this bank are rare in any grade. Underrated in the Charlton catalogs for years. Easy to learn history about this bank online. The gradual bail-ins by other banks allowed most … Price: $500.00 CDN


BERLIN ONTARIO FAIR TOKEN Circa 1912 German Ontario Item


Fair celebration from 1912 , excellent condition or better. Uniface design. What is now called Kitchener , Ontario was once called Berlin . Ontario . The name change happened in 1914 with … Price: $50.00 CDN




GRADED by NGC as MS63 Red & Brown , vibrant fresh surfaces with virtually no contact marks. A very hard coin to find MS63 or higher. Lovely for the grade which appears … Price: $850.00 CDN




Once a very rare and desirable token ... and still should be. Albeit a small quantity of these was discovered about 22 years ago making it much more affordable. Known in Charlton … Price: $170.00 CDN


Brass Tiffin Token of 1812 Variant Variety


Designated by NGC as LC-48C1 , VF 25. Though at first glance it looks like this coin, however, the grass mound is much wider . There is no true Charlton token guide … Price: $170.00 CDN


1919 C Newfoundland Large Cent NGC MS65 Brown


Beautiful electric colours on practically flawless surfaces. Priced at $5500 CDN in CCDN in red, brown examples such as this should be worth at least half of this. A very rare date … Price: $2750.00 CDN


1936 NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE CENT MS66 Brown Stunning Quality


Graded by NGC as MS66 Brown . Stunning flawless quality. A lot of the times nice coloured toned coins are more desirable than red coloured copper coins as the worry of changing … Price: $750.00 CDN


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