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Canadian Coins

1895 Canada 1 Cent Graded NGC MS63 RB Undergraded PQ ++


Ultra conservatively graded by NGC as a paltry MS63 R & B. I think not. Looks like an ICCS MS64 red if it were to go that route. At least 88 % … Price: $475.00 CDN


1896 Canada 1 Cent NGC MS63 Brown


Properly graded and attractive. No carbon spots or corrosion cells. Has trace red still remaining. Average strike. Full reverse strike details. Price: $219.00 CDN


1896 CANADA CENT ( Normal 6 )  ICCS MS60 Brown w/lustre PQ


A really nice problem free coin devoid of marks and also with lustre, but not designated. Should grade higher in another grading service. Price: $76.00 CDN


1898 H Canada 1 Cent NGC MS63 Red & Brown


A nice and attractive mid-range mintstate grade of this scarce Heaton Mint issue. This coin is problem free and shows no significant contact marks. No carbon spots or corrosion cells. A desirable … Price: $409.00 USD




A scarce coin in mint state. A superb coin devoid of marks with gorgeous eye appeal. Plenty of red and NO negative eye appeal. Price: $390.00 CDN


1899 CANADA 1 Cent NGC MS64 Brown Lustrous


A very premium quality lustrous coin. Mark & contact free. No carbon spots or corrosion. Electric deep toning. Superb fields. Price: $349.00 CDN


1900 H Canada Cent NGC MS63 Brown


A superb example with virtually mark free surfaces. Premium wood grain toning and matte surfaces. A choice copper coin. Price: $125.00 CDN


1901 Canada Victoria Large Cent PCGS MS64 Brown


A very nice penny from Canada. Good strike with flawless fields. The fields are matte from years of storage in a paper flip. Trends for $450 CDN in RED, we are asking … Price: $225.00 CDN


1902 Canada Large Cent PCGS MS62 Brown UNDERGRADED


A very choice cent that looks undergraded by a point. The fields exhibit MS64 quality for contact marks. Nice creamy brown colour with salt & pepper flecks of red lustre. Will not … Price: $50.00 CDN


1903 CANADA Cent ICCS MS62 Red & Brown PQ


A nice coin for a date that doesn't come up all the time. Price: $74.00 CDN


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