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Hardy Altex No 2 Mark V Spinning Reel


Circa 1935 to 1963. Despite the tenure into the popular spinning reel craze, the Hardy Altex never seemed to have caught on all that well as these reels are scarce finds relative … Price: $229.00 USD




Diameter face measures 2 1/2 " . Oval marked " HARDY BROS , MAKERS - Alnwick ". Also has the early " rod in hand TRADEMARK " as well. SUPERB condition. Retains … Price: $450.00 USD


Hardy Brothers Copper Spoon   Circa 1910


Small copper spoon from the pre war-era, about 1910. Marked " Hardy Bros " & " Alnwick ". Measures 1 1/2 " long. Not easy to come by as Hardy didn't put … Price: $25.00 CDN


Hardy Brothers Halford Flies in Box   Circa 1904


An old box of Halford fly patterns. Made in Alnwick, England. There are approxiamately 23 flies left in the box of various colours. The box is in excellent condition with metal reinforced … Price: $42.00 USD


Hardy Uniqua Fly Reel Circa 1922 - 1929


Duplicated Mark II Model, narrow drum and marked 3 1/8 " Diameter. Grooved brass foot and telephone style latch locking mechansim. Used but not abused, about excellent condition with some scuffing but … Price: $485.00 CDN


Hardy-Allcock-Gregory Nickel Chrome Devon


Hard to tell who made this bait as it is unmarked. Has features from all three companies. The steel leader is from Hardy, but that says nothing about the bait.
Price: $48.00 USD


Heatons Seamans Nottingham Casting Reel


A 4 " diameter mahogany & brass reel made by Heaton. Circa 1923. The spool is 2 " wide . Excellent condition. All original. The reel foot has seen filing adjustments. It … Price: $200.00 CDN


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