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HEDDON   Circa 1904 -  1905 Number # 101 Rainbow Minnow


First rainbow version pattern . Not missing any paint but does have aging lines from being in storage for decades . Original box and bait . This minnow is the early 2 … Price: $850.00 USD


HEDDON # 210 Surface Mouse Lure New Condition


Circa 1920's and in unfished condition, It just needs a box ! Two double hooks , leather ears , cotton black whiskers and leather tail. A wonderful bait from a bygone era. … Price: $125.00 USD




No box and looks unfished. Has original yellow varnish still on the diving lip. No condition issues to report. A fabulous bait in a scarcer colour pattern. Price: $75.00 USD




Circa late 1920's or 1930's semi toilet seat hardware or flip flap hardware , see pictures . Very nice condition . Appears unfished , the leather ears and tail are in impeccable … Price: $70.00 USD


HEDDON RIVER RUNT Spook Sinker in Scarce Glow Worm Color


NO Box . Flap rig hardware . Vibrant radiant radium paint finish and still very thick. Hooks have the characteristic white smut from tackle box storage. Overall an excellent bait . Not … Price: $155.00 USD


HEDDON TIGER #1030 Circa 1967 in Gold Sucker Finish


A very rare bait made only over a three year period from spanning from 1967 to 1971. Measures 4 1/8 " long. Excellent condition or better. No damage. Has a gold insert … Price: $225.00 CDN


HEDDON # 200 Surface Lure Circa 1913


A 100 year old + lure. Decent condition. Blue head with white body. No box. Cup hardware. The shield around the head is hand pinned. These baits are getting tougher and tougher … Price: $110.00 USD


HEDDON 3 - 35 German Silver Multiplier Reel


Circa 1925. Complete and in strong working condition . Has " pats appl'd for " written on the reel foot. Serial number # 3452 . The 2 reel foot screws are buggered … Price: $500.00 USD


HEDDON 3-35 German Silver Baitcaster Reel Circa 1925


A nice quality reel made by Heddon around 1925. These were their premium reels that were well made and functioned flawlessly. Heddon reels of this nature competed with the Horton Bluegrass reels … Price: $589.00 USD


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