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Mid-Decade Lucky Strike Wooden Spook Plug


Tack eyed wooden model, circa early 1960's. Body measures 3 " long. In yellow and silver shore spook as shown. No box. Very close to excellent condition. Lots of dripping wet look … Price: $50.00 CDN


Mint Condition Creek Chub Pikie Lure


Choice mint condition, but not superb gem mint. Unfished as the line tie eyelet still has its' unpenetrated laquer blocking the way of the fishing line. Dripping wet with fresh paint. Marked … Price: $88.00 USD


Mr. BUHUMAN of Virginia Underwater Luminous Quad Hook Bait.


This is from a famous pedgree line. This is the only Buhuman bait not in the Murphy-Edmiston Catalog. Buhuman was a former USA Ambassador and made some neat folk art lures. This … Price: $555.00 USD


Multi-Material Victorian Trout Reel


Measures 2 " diameter by 1 1/4 " wide for the spool. Circa 1890 - 1895. Made of a brass front plate, a hard rubber back plate with german nickel-silver rims. Bone … Price: $165.00 CDN


Near Mint Circa 1897 Livingston S Hinckley Fish Phantom Lure


Looks to be never fished and in exceptional condition. Body measures 2 1/2 " , so the Arlan Carter reference is inconclusive when it comes to the sizes of baits issued by … Price: $165.00 USD


Near Mint Creek Chub Jointed Pikie


A standard Jointed Pikie and fully marked. From Indiana , USA. The BOX however is an old ALW box and end marked " 326 - 0 ", which is very typical on … Price: $72.00 USD


Near Mint Creek Chub Pikie Minnow


A nice quality standard Crek Chub Pikieminnow with the marked and stamped lip. This lure has hardly been fished and shows as near mint or nearly so. The only concerns of this … Price: $72.00 CDN


Nice Condition Detroit Bass Caller


Very nice but not mint. Measures 3 5/8 " long. Accurate dating is hard for this bait. The consensus is that it was made sometime between 1929 and 1937. Look at pictures … Price: $90.00 USD


NICE Allcock Holroyd - Smith Spinner MINT IN BOX   and   MOC


Size 1 3/4 " , which is the second smallest size of 4 available made sizes. Mint on card and never fished. Comes with the original cellophane cover box . The end … Price: $70.00 USD