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World Coins

CEYLON Sri Lanka 1802 1/48 RIXDOLLAR Copper


A decent coin that is over 200 years old ! About VF or better . Price: $19.00 USD


Choice Uncirculated 1931 Hong Kong Cent NGC MS 64


A very nice example of this now obsolete coinage. Fully lustrous and only a small blemish away from full gem quality. Price: $95.00 USD


Circa 1881 Travanacore INDIA Gold Fanam


Small gold coin of India, Original. Ex: Randy Weir Collection, Ex : Diana Collection A nice little coin. Price: $55.00 USD


FRENCH INDO-CHINA 1923 1 Centime NGC MS61   ( Viet-Nam )


This is the thunderbolt mintmark variety. Very nice for the grade and appears MS63 brown. The holes in these coins were for stringing the coins together or carrying them on a stick. … Price: $49.00 USD


FRENCH INDO-CHINA 1938A 1 Centime NGC MS63 Red-Brown


A very nice coin for the grade . Lustrous surfaces with very few marks. The holes in these coins were put in purposely to allow them to be strung together or carried … Price: $70.00 USD


INDIA 1840 Rupee


Nice AU + . dark toning. These coins are starting to get really popular now amongst Indian collectors. Price: 49.00 USD