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World Coins

1974 INDIA 50 Rupees GEM PROOF


Over 0.55 oz of pure silver. GEM Proof in ultra high grade. Commemorates planned parenthood and food for all. Under 3,000 minted. In its original plastic case. Price: $35.00 USD




Get it while you can as who knows the fate of this country with rogue and ungodly leadership. Recently smuggled out of North Korea to one of my Chinese contacts . This … Price: $32.00 USD


CEYLON Sri Lanka 1802 1/48 RIXDOLLAR Copper


A decent coin that is over 200 years old ! About VF or better . Price: $19.00 USD


Choice Uncirculated 1931 Hong Kong Cent NGC MS 64


A very nice example of this now obsolete coinage. Fully lustrous and only a small blemish away from full gem quality. Price: $95.00 USD


Circa 1881 Travanacore INDIA Gold Fanam


Small gold coin of India, Original. Ex: Randy Weir Collection, Ex : Diana Collection A nice little coin. Price: $55.00 USD


FINEST GRADED 1889 Hong Kong 5 Cents


Tied with one other coin as finest graded by NGC , PCGS has graded none in 65 and only a few coins in uncirculated. This is a very hard date to find … Price: $500.00 USD


FRENCH INDO-CHINA 1923 1 Centime NGC MS61   ( Viet-Nam )


This is the thunderbolt mintmark variety. Very nice for the grade and appears MS63 brown. The holes in these coins were for stringing the coins together or carrying them on a stick. … Price: $49.00 USD


FRENCH INDO-CHINA 1938A 1 Centime NGC MS63 Red-Brown


A very nice coin for the grade . Lustrous surfaces with very few marks. The holes in these coins were put in purposely to allow them to be strung together or carried … Price: $70.00 USD


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