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World Coins

1850 A Switzerland 1/2 Franc NGC MS 65 GEM *****


A superb early Swiss example of the first confederation pieces. Flawless fields over rich old toning. Full lustre but very hard to capture in the photos. A very premium example. Superb. … Price: $1059.00 USD


1852/1 AG SWEDEN Overstrike 1/32 Rixsdaler NGC MS64 Superb PQ


A very rare coin from Sweden in this quality. Looks like a P/L or Proof. Deep ,dark and colourful original toning. Appears to warrant an MS65 grade. This coin packs tremendous eye … Price: $289.00 USD


1859A AUSTRIA Silver Florin NGC MS65


A very rare and hard to find type of coin from Austria. The silver florin series is usually just found in au - unc grades but rarely found in original toned MS63 … Price: $365.00 USD


1861 A   Austria 4 Kreuzer


A choclate brown XF + quality or better. A nice early thick copper coin of Austria. Tough to find like this. Price: $22.00 USD


1863 BELGIUM 10 Centimes ICG MS63 BU


A very nice crisp coin from Belgium. These coins saw extensive circulation making nice uncirculated coins very hard to come by. Krause coin reference only goes up to XF values with no … Price: $125.00 USD


1865 Azores Portugal 20 REIS VF-XF


Very low mintage of 178,000 pieces , this coin grades at least VF or better. Price: $19.00 USD




SOLO Finest Graded. 19th Century coins in mintstate from the Vatican have flown under the radar for many years now. They are now being discovered as being very rare and a challenge … Price: $269.00 USD


1873 B Switzerland 5 Rappen Uncirculated


Quite rare in this state of preservation. Toned uncirculated and virtually mark free. A great coin for the registry ! All coins from 1850 to 1880 in mintstate are very rare for … Price: $125.00 USD




Mintage of only 200,000 pieces. One in a while one of these hoarded beauties comes up in very nice grade. Scarce coin. Price: $260.00 USD