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An outstanding low mintage coin, only 200,000 coins struck. Absolutely prisitine with full lustre and die polishing lines. Reverse looks like MS67, the obverse is not too far off MS66. Premium quality … Price: $285.00 USD


1885 Austria Copper Kreuzer Red Uncirculated


Choice Austrian 1 Kreuzer. Problem free and very choice. Krause catalog values have not changed in 30 years ! Grades MS63 red & brown or better ! This is very , very … Price: $25.00 USD


1891 PORTUGAL Copper 20 REIS NGC MS64 RB


An early choice coin from Portugal. No spotting and choice as such. Price: $135.00 USD


1900 AUSTRIA 5 Corona


Graded strict VF20. This is a very popular silver Austrian crown sized coin. This coin was minted for only a few years off and on up until about 1923. They all circulated … Price: $65.00 USD


1906 DENMARK 2 Kroner Silver Coin


Freshly graded NGCMS65. Practically mark free with nice fresh toning. Has something to do with the coronation of their Kings. A one year type coin. Scarce like this. Price: $169.00 USD


1906 Montenegro 1 PARA NGC MS63 Red & Brown


A nice coin from the Adriatic Coast. Very low mintage of 200,000 coins. Nice surfaces with mottled red & brown oxidation. Scarce in mintstate. Price: $200.00 USD


1908 Netherlands - Holland 5 Cents Nickel NGC MS63 PQ


Properly graded and nice as that . These nickels are a short series from 1907 to 1909. They are extremely difficult to find in uncirculated despite decent mintages. I have only handled … Price: $149.00 USD




A nice grade for these tough to find small coppers in mintstate. Russia is a great country to collect. Some coins are common and many are very rare. Price: $50.00 USD


1920 B Switzerland FRANC PCGS MS68 SUPER GEM


A superb coin all around ! Very frosty with blast fields and devices. Almost 20 years ago a roll of these were certified, with many coming in very high grades. This coin … Price: $369.00 USD


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