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Adams & Westlake Brass Security Lock Plate


A nice piece of craftsmanship from a company that is still in business with a very high client profile. Now known as " Adlake ". In business since 1857 with its' first … Price: $88.00 CDN


Ancient Ammonite Fossil


Age unknown but at least 6,000 years old. Not your average antique but certainly one from the natural world. Measures 2 " diamter by 1 1/3 " thick. A relatively good sized … Price: $65.00 USD


ANTIQUE Aluminum Fishing Net   Float


About the size of a number # 4 soccer ball. This is an English made fishing trawler float made entirely of aluminum. Circa about 1920 - 1940. Modern floats are now made … Price: $90.00 USD




Circa 1895 to 1905 . Measures 10 " high . Called the " DUCOS " and made by the Brown bros of London, UK. Excellent condition but shows signs of usage. The … Price: $150.00 USD


Antique Art Nouveau Cake Plate


9.75 " diameter cake plate. Beautifully engraved " cake " on the inside. Made of silver plated Britannia " Special Hard White Metal ". Made by The Standard Silver Company Ltd. Toronto … Price: $28.00 USD


ANTIQUE BRASS and Spring Loaded Widget


Measures 2 1/2 " h by 1 " wide. I think that it is some sort of steam valve, but if I am wrong please email in as to just what it … Price: $10.00 USD


Antique Brass Ashtray of Labrador Dog


Early ashtray or equivalent , made of brass or bronze. Measures roughly 7 " by 5 " inches. Excellent but used condition. Topside has been polished up a little to clean it … Price: $135.00 USD


Antique Brass Food Squisher


For crushing garlic or making purees. All solid brass construction. Most likely used in the hotel industry where fine cuisine was needed. This utensil is about the size of a can of … Price: $68.00 USD


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