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1913 $10.00 Battleship Note Royal Bank of Canada


A nice note considering that this grades about fine. The highest that I've seen of this popular issue is very fine. Scarce as such. Still has some crispiness left as expected. Good … Price: $655.00 CDN


1917 C Newfoundland 25 Cents PCGS MS64


A brilliant example of this wartime quarter from the Rock. Somewhat eternally preserved in its PCGS holder as it seems to be lightly laquered. If you ever want to break the slab … Price: $525.00 CDN


1918 C Newfoundland 50 Cents PCGS MS64 Brilliant


A properly graded coin. Original as-struck surfaces and never dipped. Full lustre and minimal contact. Offers always considered. Scarce at this level. Price: $1000.00 CDN




GRADED by NGC as MS63 Red & Brown , vibrant fresh surfaces with virtually no contact marks. A very hard coin to find MS63 or higher. Lovely for the grade which appears … Price: $850.00 CDN


1919 C Newfoundland Large Cent NGC MS65 Brown


Beautiful electric colours on practically flawless surfaces. Priced at $5500 CDN in CCDN in red, brown examples such as this should be worth at least half of this. A very rare date … Price: $2750.00 CDN


1922 St. Lawrence & Labrador 20 Made Beaver Token


A larger Hudson's Bay token from 1922 , when the two Districts were combined into one. Nice problem free AU condition or better. A piece of Canada's fur trade history that is … Price: $215.00 CDN


1923 Dominion of Canada $1.00 note VF grade


A decent VF note of the black seal variety. 1923 issue. Price: $75.00 CDN


1935 Small Note Issue Banque Canadienne Nationale $10.00 Note


Grade is worthy of XF in my opinion. Horizontal light crease. A crisp note with lots of " paper echo " still in it. A very popular French bank note. … Price: $335.00 CDN


1936 NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE CENT MS66 Brown Stunning Quality


Graded by NGC as MS66 Brown . Stunning flawless quality. A lot of the times nice coloured toned coins are more desirable than red coloured copper coins as the worry of changing … Price: $750.00 CDN


1937 Canada Issue $2.00 Note


Gordon - Towers. Super choice but for 2 very faint 1/3 & 2/3 thirds panel fold lines when you get up and close with it. Still considered choice uncirculated to any appreciable … Price: $220.00 CDN