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Canadian Coins

Very Rare Double Die 1951 CANADA DIME


Graded as NGC as AU55. Coin has light circulation wear. This is an elusive dime and is highly underrated in the price guides. The reverse denomination area is doubled and is the … Price: $175.00 CDN


Pristine Quality NGC Graded 1940 Canada MS64 PQ +  Dimes


A small hoarde of these were discovered and graded at NGC. They are all superb MS64 PQ premium coins. They should all be graded MS64 + or " star " , but … Price: $100.00 CDN


1911 CANADA 10 Cents Gem Superb NGC MS64 PQ ++


A full spectacular gem coin that doesn't deserve the grade that is posted. Full toned lustre on both sides with an electric neon effect. Simply outstanding and as fresh as the day … Price: $550.00 CDN


1881 ” H ” CANADA Mintstate 10 Cents   ANACS MS61


A nice originally toned Victorian dime from Canada. The obverse is a nice MS63 with rather flawless fields and pastel toning. The reverse rates a little lower due to a lustre disturbance … Price: $629.00 CDN


1858 CANADA DIME PCGS MS61 PQ Undergraded


I always say grade the coin and not the holder. Sometimes and hopefully most of the time the holder grade will be correct or in agreement with the coin, but often the … Price: $700.00 CDN


1931 CANADA 10 Cents PCGS MS65 GEM


A near perfect 1931 Canada dime. This is how these coins should be collected. Perfect colours and mark free surfaces. This is what dime collecting is all about. It doesn't take too … Price: $1,000.00 CDN


1870 CANADA 10 Cents PCGS MS63 PQ ++ Narrow ” 0 ”


An extremely nice coin for the grade. This coin is actually so nice that it wouldn't look out of place in either a 64 or 65 holder. Fully original toning and virtually … Price: $2,000.00 CDN


1902-H CANADA 10 Cents PCGS MS65 PQ Gem


A spectacular multi-coloured gem deserving of the grade. Very PQ. Struck at the Heaton Mint In England . Glistening satin surfaces that are virtually mark free. Coin available by appointment for Torex … Price: $1250.00 CDN




The only negative thing about this offering is the difficulty it took to take good pictures through the poor optical quality plastic of the ICCS holder. The 1937 matte specimens are very … Price: $360.00 CDN


1937 CANADA Mirror Specimen Dime ICCS SP64 PQ +


An exemplary coin that is tough to photograph and looks miles better in hand. Lines you see in the picture are on the mylar flip and not the coin. I do not … Price: $465.00 CDN


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